In Destiny 2, the Lightfall update adds a new place called Neomuna, which has its own set of weapons. This is how they stack up.

In Destiny 2’s newest update, Lightfall, when players go to Neomuna for the first time, they can learn the new Strand subclass and find a bunch of new weapons in the Neomuna collection. Many of these guns can also be used as Strand weapons, which makes them good for Strand builds.

Overall, this season’s Neomuna weapons aren’t too crazy or strong because they are destination weapons. They’re good options for people who are just starting out in Strand or Destiny 2, but many of them already have better copies in the game. Those who want to farm these Neomuna weapons can go to the Terminal Overload public event on Neomuna. The site of this event changes every day, as does the most likely weapon it will drop.

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