In the difficult roguelike Boneraiser Minions, players need to know which classes are the best.

Anthony Case made Boneraiser Minions, which is a roguelike with auto-battles where you grow minions. The players are in a pre-made area where they must fight hordes of different enemies and kill their way to the big monster to complete a level and move on to the next.

If players want to stay alive as the hated Boneraiser, they have to put together an army of ghosts and demons to fight off the heroes who want to stop their necromancy. In this roguelike action RPG, players can bring back and level up their own army of the dead by using the bodies of heroes who have died. People who want to successfully raise more bones should learn about the best classes in the game and use that knowledge to get a meta upgrade. It makes a huge difference to know the best classes in Boneraiser Minions and how to unlock their meta improvements.

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