Singapore is one of the most prominent financial centers in the world, with a robust business environment and a thriving economy. As a result, there are numerous Accounting Companies in Singapore that provide accounting and financial services to both domestic and international clients. In this article, we will take a closer look at the accounting industry in Singapore, its key players, and the services they offer.

Overview of Accounting in Singapore

Accounting is a crucial aspect of any business, and Singapore has a well-developed accounting industry that supports the country’s business community. The sector is regulated by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), which set the standards for accounting and auditing practices in Singapore.

The accounting industry Accounting Companies in Singapore comprises both local and international firms, ranging from large multinational companies to small and medium-sized enterprises. The sector employs thousands of professionals, including certified public accountants (CPAs), chartered accountants (CAs), and accounting technicians.

Key Players in Singapore’s Accounting Industry

Singapore’s accounting industry is highly competitive, with many firms vying for a share of the market. The following are some of the key players in the industry:

Big Four Accounting Firms: The Big Four accounting firms, namely Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, and EY, are the largest and most prominent accounting firms in the world. They have a significant presence in Singapore, offering a wide range of accounting and financial services to both local and international clients.

Mid-Tier Accounting Firms: Mid-tier accounting firms, such as BDO, RSM, and Crowe, are smaller than the Big Four but still offer a comprehensive range of accounting and financial services.

Local Accounting Firms: Local accounting firms, such as Foo Kon Tan LLP, offer a range of accounting services to domestic clients, including bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services.

Services Offered by Accounting Companies in Singapore

Accounting Companies in Singapore offer a range of services to their clients, including:

Auditing and Assurance Services: Auditing and assurance services are critical in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial statements. Accounting companies in Singapore offer both statutory and non-statutory audit services, as well as other assurance services, such as review engagements and agreed-upon procedures.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services: Accounting and bookkeeping services are essential in keeping accurate financial records and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. Accounting companies in Singapore offer a range of accounting and bookkeeping services, including preparation of financial statements, management accounts, and cash flow statements.

Tax Services: Tax services are essential in ensuring compliance with tax regulations and optimizing tax efficiency. Accounting Companies in Singapore offer a range of tax services, including tax planning, compliance, and advisory services.

Advisory Services: Advisory services help businesses to improve their operations, reduce costs, and enhance their overall performance. Accounting companies in Singapore offer a range of advisory services, including business consulting, risk management, and corporate finance.

Choosing an Accounting Company in Singapore

Choosing the right accounting company in Singapore is essential in ensuring that your business’s financial needs are met. The following are some factors to consider when choosing an accounting company in Singapore:

Reputation and Experience: Choose an accounting company with a good reputation and extensive experience in your industry.

Range of Services: Look for an accounting company that offers a comprehensive range of services that meets your business’s needs.

Fees: Consider the fees charged by the Accounting Companies in Singapore and ensure that they are transparent and competitive.

Size of the Firm: Consider the size of the accounting firm, as larger firms may have more resources and expertise to handle complex accounting issues.

Evaluating Accounting Services

To help you evaluate your accounting needs, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to our clients, including:

We offer the following accounting services:

Corporate Finance Consulting Services: Corporate finance consulting offers assistance in all aspects of business management, including capital structure and valuation, operations effectiveness, and strategy formulation. We assist our clients in navigating the complex world of finance.

Finance and Tax Consulting Services: Finance and tax consulting provides guidance on all aspects of financial issues that impact business performance.

Financial Statement Preparation Services: We prepare financial statements for our clients based on their specific requirements. Our experts can prepare full sets of standard financial statements or customize them to suit your needs.

Tax Filing Services: We provide tax filing services to our clients to ensure that they are up-to-date with their tax filings. Our experts Accounting Companies in Singapore will file your taxes either electronically or manually, depending on the requirements of your local tax authority.

Bookkeeping Services: Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business’s operations. We offer bookkeeping services that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Accounting System Implementation Services: To enable us to better cater to your accounting needs, we adapt and implement an accounting system in accordance with your business goals and objectives.


Singapore’s accounting industry is a fast-growing sector in the country. Accounting Companies in Singapore are well-established and highly competitive, offering a range of accounting and financial services to meet the financial needs of local and international clients.

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