Azure Administrator Associate is the industry-recognized credential for those beginning their careers in Azure. Moreover, experts and beginners looking to advance their careers are big fans of Microsoft Azure certifications. So if you want to pursue a career in Azure, the AZ 104 test is a great place to start. It has many advantages, including involvement in the most advanced cloud technology. You will be capable of completing various assignments after passing the test. If you possess this qualification, you will oversee establishing and managing a company’s cloud infrastructure. This article covers all the tips and tricks you need to ace this test. So, read on.

AZ-104 Azure Administrator Exam Details

As one of the entry-level certificates, it focuses on assisting students to gain practical Azure experience. The AZ-104 test is for people with an in-depth understanding of establishing, managing, and monitoring a company’s Azure infrastructure. Virtual networks, computing, storage, identification, governance, and security are all included in this test. Professionals with this Microsoft certification work with other jobs to supply Azure security, networking, database, DevOps solutions, and application development. To take this exam, you should be able to demonstrate that you can administer the Azure environment, among other things.

Here are some crucial data regarding this well-known Azure certification:

Name of the Exam AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator
Exam Type Multiple choice questions
Duration 150 minutes
No. of Questions 40-60
Exam Languages English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
Prerequisite None
Exam Fee This Azure certification cost is $165
Exam Validity 2 years


Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Preparation Guide

Here are some study resources if you’ve decided to take this Microsoft Cloud certification test:

  • AZ-104 exam objectives

Combining two tests AZ 100 and 101, AZ-104’s exam subjects include information from each exam’s goals. Visit the official website to download the whole list of objectives. There is a wealth of essential exam-related material on the official page of Microsoft. The exam language, date, fee, and validity are all easily accessible. Microsoft Azure certification exam objectives will assist you in determining the amount of work required, allocating your study time, and locating the best resources.

AZ-104 certification exam will cover the following subjects:

  • 15–20% implementing and managing storage
  • 15–20% managing Azure identities and governance 
  • 20–25% deploying and managing Azure compute resources
  • 10–15% monitoring and backing up of Azure resources
  • 25–30% configuring and managing virtual networking
  • Training programs

One of the best and most dependable resources for AZ-104 exam preparation would be online az-104 training providers. They will aid in your better exam preparation for the AZ-104. Microsoft also provides both paid and free training resources. You can learn from a qualified teacher by enrolling in the paid Azure certification training course. It aids candidates in constructing the necessary test knowledge foundation.

  • AZ-104 practice tests and simulators

Practicing exams assess your degree of readiness and improve your time management abilities for the Azure certifications exam. So, this should be the exam takers’ first focus. You become even more confident when you take more practice exams. Take a few quality simulators, too. The AZ-104 simulators replicate the setting of an actual test. Utilizing simulators and practice exams can help you pinpoint your strong and weak points and prepare well.

  • Online forums and study groups

Join discussion boards and study groups to aid with your test preparation. It allows you to interact with people who are Azure Administrators or studying for the test. Study groups can also effectively help with other Microsoft Azure certifications. In forums, you can find solutions to your problems and receive answers to your concerns.

AZ-104 Azure Administrator Career Benefits

The chance to earn a substantial annual salary is the AZ 104 certification’s most obvious advantage. Microsoft Azure Administrators make a compensation of $107,683 per year (according to a top job portal website). Also, hiring managers value candidates with international qualifications. With professional and financial advances, you will also have the chance to stay informed about the newest innovations in cloud computing.

To Conclude

You should prepare to take the AZ-104 test if you want to grow in your profession as an Azure Administrator. You’ll be among the select few people who put in the effort to attach an internationally recognized qualification to their resume. When you see the advantages of obtaining this credential, you will understand its worth. By enhancing your talents and demonstrating them to potential employers, the certification test helps you shine among the competition. Work hard to pass the Microsoft AZ 104 test and become a certified Azure Administrator Associate. Practice as many AZ-104 questions as you can and participate in internet forums. You’ll breeze through the Microsoft AZ-104 test.


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