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Bape Clothing, also known as A Bathing Ape, is a Japanese streetwear brand that was founded in 1993 by designer Nigo. The brand has gained a cult following worldwide for its unique designs, bold graphics, and collaborations with various artists, designers, and brands. In this article, we’ll explore the history of Bape Clothing, its iconic designs, and its impact on the fashion industry.


Bape Clothing was founded in Harajuku, Tokyo, in 1993, by Nigo, who was a former DJ and a member of the Tokyo streetwear scene. The brand’s name, A Bathing Ape, was inspired by the 1968 film “Planet of the Apes,” and its logo features a stylized gorilla.

Bape Clothing started as a small boutique, selling t-shirts and other clothing items that featured the brand’s signature graphics. The brand’s designs quickly gained popularity in the Tokyo streetwear scene, and in the early 2000s, Bape Clothing expanded its reach to other countries, including the United States.


Bape Clothing is known for its bold and colorful designs, which often feature the brand’s signature graphics, such as the ape head logo, camouflage prints, and shark graphics. The brand’s designs often incorporate pop culture references, such as cartoon characters and video game graphics.

One of Bape Clothing’s most iconic designs is the Bapesta sneaker, which was inspired by Nike’s Air Force 1 sneaker. The Bapesta features the brand’s signature ape head logo and has been released in numerous colorways and collaborations.

Another iconic Bape Clothing design is the shark hoodie, which features a shark graphic with its jaws open on the hood. The hoodie has become a staple in streetwear fashion and has been worn by various celebrities and influencers.


Bape Clothing has had a significant impact on the fashion industry, particularly in the streetwear scene. The brand’s unique designs and collaborations have influenced other streetwear brands, and its popularity has paved the way for other Japanese streetwear brands, such as Comme des Garçons and Undercover.

Bape Clothing’s collaborations with various artists, designers, and brands have also been highly sought after by collectors and fans. The brand has collaborated with Nike, Adidas, and Supreme, among others, and its collaborations often sell out quickly.

In recent years, Bape Hoodies has expanded its reach by opening flagship stores in various cities, including New York, London, and Paris. The brand has also launched an online store, making its designs more accessible to fans worldwide.


Bape Clothing’s unique designs, bold graphics, and collaborations have made it one of the most influential streetwear brands in the world. The brand’s impact on the fashion industry can be seen in the popularity of streetwear fashion and the rise of other Japanese streetwear brands. With its continued expansion and collaborations, Bape Clothing is sure to remain a cultural icon in the fashion world for years to come.

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