Best Flight Leather Jackets

In the last decades, there has been a dominant rise in the credibility and fame of leather jackets. Among all the ultimate leather jacket types, nothing comes closer to the popularity and styles of flight leather jackets for men and women.

The flight leather jacket or pilot leather jacket is the most appealing because of its luxurious style. Flight leather jackets have an amazingly popular demand. It is not only extremely functional, but also has a variety of styles, colors, and designs which give these jackets their handsome masculine vibes.

Pilot leather jackets are not only some pieces of clothing but it’s a statement of your identity. Thereby, it is a must-have outwear for every modern wardrobe. To make you choose a perfect fashion icon along with its functionality, below I’ve gathered the best flight leather jackets I have ever owned.

RAF Aviator Bomber Jacket by SCIN

This classic-looking flight leather jacket instantly upgrades your style with strong and sleek vibes. The material used for making this iconic piece is real sheepskin leather. Hence, this flight leather jacket provides you with extreme protection against harsh weather conditions. Also, this pilot leather jacket has full artificial fur linings inside which makes this jacket extremely comfortable.

In addition, this jacket features a fur collar with a buckle, front zip closure, and open hem cuffs with fur and buckles. Also, it has two outside pockets and an adjustable waist to provide more warmth and insulation. This stylish piece is handcrafted with flawless stitching and details. Whether you’re opting for a casual or flattering look, you can pair your RAF aviator jacket with anything, and it will instantly bring the best out of your style.

Distressed Brown G1 Aviator A2 Bomber Jacket by SCIN

A distressed flight leather jacket is an ideal choice for winter. The perfect combination of classic and modern design makes this jacket a fabulous outwear. The main feature which makes this flight leather jacket stand out from other pilot jackets is its shirt-style collar that comes with fur. This fur collar provides you with great insulation from cold and winds. It also upgrades the style of this flight jacket.

This pilot leather jacket also features a front zipper closure with a rib-knitted hem. The adjustable cuffs and adjustable waistband make this aviator jacket a bomb fit on your body and keeps you warm. In addition, this jacket has lavished styles with its two snap-button front pockets. This finished piece could be ideal for mild to cold weather with not much layering inside.

Aviator Bomber Cross Zipper leather Jacket by SCIN

Out of all the flight leather jackets, this cross-zipper bomber flight jacket by SCIN is my personal favorite. This is because its asymmetric front closure zipping gives this classic piece more sassy vibes. It is available in different colors.

In addition, it features adjustable waist buckles and a shirt-style fur collar with an adjustable buckle underneath. Hence, this masterpiece is not only an ultimate fashion icon but also highly functional in any extreme weather. Moreover, there is a full faux fur lining inside the bomber flight leather jacket. This makes this bomber jacket highly comfortable and functional. It also features open hem cuffs and angle handwarmer side pockets which completes its perfect look.

The easiest way to style your cross-zipper flight leather jacket with inventive layering techniques. You can always use your textured clothes with this pilot leather jacket to pull off the best winter layering look. To achieve a low-key sensuous and sophisticated style you can pair your flight leather jacket with some leather pants or jeans and a turtleneck, and you will surely appear more graceful.

Airforce Brown RAF B3 Aviator Real Leather Jacket by SCIN

This air force RAF B3 flight leather jacket is typically for those who want more from their leather. This is one of the best if not the best sheepskin aviator jackets. This jacket features shirt style fur collar with a double belt strap to provide you with complete insulation with style. The front closure has a zip liner with two zipper pockets on the waist. In addition to that, it has a waist adjustment strap to tighten the hem according to your needs. The RAF B3 also has round fur cuffs with double buckle fastening underneath.

It is available in multiple colors. Also, it features full faux fur inside lining. The addition of crisp white soft faux fur lining is an excellent attempt to maintain the classic B3 bomber style. The overall style of this classic vintage jacket with the touch of modern fashion makes this aviator jacket an ultimate favorite winter garment.

B3 Hooded Flying Bomber Jacket by SCIN

The B3 classic shearling aviator jacket is another flexible and timeless piece. The style of this flying bomber jacket is unbeatable with long-lasting characteristics. The main feature which makes this aviator jacket stand out from other jackets of similar type is its shirt-style fur collar with a removable shearling hood. This fur-trimmed leather jacket is a great style with high functionality for cold climates.

This amazing jacket is an ideal choice because of its fabulous design and great usage of material. Also, there is a range of color choices for this jacket. In addition, it features a front heavy-duty zip closure with adjustable waist buckles. It also features a buckle strap under the collar and two side hands warmer zipper pockets. The open hem cuffs with the fur of this flight leather jacket complete this iconic winter piece.

This casual B3 bomber hooded classic jacket is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for spring, fall, and winter. These timeless classic jackets never go out of style and are always in fashion. Moreover, this shearling leather jacket is easy to layer over anything to perfect your casual wear look. This bomber aviator jacket is the best fit when you want to elevate your casual style or are looking for something special to extrude your personality.

Loewe Aviator Jacket

The Loewe aviator jacket has a simple, sophisticated, and classy touch. It is available in soft white, brown, and tan colors. It has a wide fold-down collar with a double buckle fastening to secure your neck from extreme cold. In addition to that, it also features the fur lining hem with adjustable buckles and hand-warming side pockets. This fancy-looking flight leather jacket is incredibly warm and comes with breathable woolen lining to give you the utmost comfort. This shearling leather jacket is strong and sturdy but lighter than fur in terms of weight. It not only looks extremely fashionable but is also long-lasting. Also, it is water resistant and provides excellent protection against rough winters and chilly winds.

Detachable Collar Aviator Leather Jacket by SCIN

This aviator leather jacket has a simple and bold look to it. The super cool feature of this pilot leather jacket is its detachable collar. You can adjust your fashion as per your choice and weather conditions by simply detaching the collar. You can also choose the type of collar from a shirt or shearling. This pilot leather jacket comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and details. It also has ribbed cuffs and an adjustable waist to perfect your look. The inside lining is satin or taffeta. This material is breathable and extremely comfortable. This soft lining enhances the jacket flow on your physiques. To add a minimal sassy touch, this iconic piece has a flap pocket on the sleeve along with two flap pockets on the front.


Flight leather jackets are indisputably the best fashion icon and iconic leather jackets. With their range of styles and availability of colors, they are indeed timeless pieces. Some have detachable hoods or collars, while others have fur linings. Regardless of whichever best out of bests aviator jacket you will choose, it will enhance your style with class and elegance.

If you are looking for a premium-quality pilot leather jacket in any color, style, or size, SCIN would be the best option for you as each product has a lifetime guarantee. Thanks to their crew of experts who create high-quality genuine leather jackets with exceptional design and hand stitching that you will not find anywhere else.

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