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  • March 20, 2023
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As if the sibling rivalry isn’t bad enough, now I have to choose between my brother and my sister. It’s not fair. They’re both great people but in different ways in Better at Life.

There are many quotes about brother and sister love that speaks of the deep love siblings have for each other. But there are also some quotes about brother and sister rivalry that show how much a constant battle it can be when you share the same parents with someone else.

Here’s how they stack up against each other when it comes to Better at life skills.

Sister is more likely to be a good cook.

You’re probably better at cooking than your sister, but she’s more likely to be a good cook. That’s because she has been taught by her mother how to cook and make healthy meals for the whole family. You, on the other hand, have only learned how to make things like pizza or spaghetti–and even then you’ll probably burn the noodles or forget about them entirely until they’re all chewy and blackened around the edges of your pan.

Your sister may not be able to whip up an awesome meal as quickly as you can when something happens like everyone getting sick from eating bad food from a restaurant (which happened once), but overall she will probably make sure everyone gets fed while also making sure they’re eating well-balanced meals that are good for their bodies instead of just giving them whatever you happen to have lying around in your refrigerator at any given moment (which usually means leftover pizza).

Brother is more likely to be an athlete.

Brothers are more likely to be athletic.

Boys are more likely to play sports than girls are, and they often start playing them at a young age because they’re taught that it’s what boys do. That means that brothers have had more practice at being athletic than sisters do, which makes them better at anything involving physical ability.

Sister is less likely to get arrested.

Brothers also tend to fight more than sisters–and lose fights more often too. On top of all this bad behavior from brothers compared to sisters (and other people), it turns out that even when it comes down to being helpful or nice, sisters can still come out on top: A recent study found that women are more likely than men at helping strangers in need; and another survey revealed women were happier overall with their relationships than men were.

Sisters are better at life because they’re always there for you.

Sisters are better at life because they’re always there for you. They’ll always be there when you need them, but sometimes they’re just around when it’s not necessary. Brothers, on the other hand, will only be there for you when they need something from you or someone else in your family.

Sister: “Hey bro. Can I borrow $10?”

Brother: “Sure thing sis. Do me a favor and give me an hour of your time later tonight so I can talk about the new Star Wars movie?”


We hope this article has helped you decide who’s better at life: your sister or brother. If there are still some questions in your mind, we encourage you to do some research on your own. Start by asking the people around you what their opinions are, then go online and see what other people think about the subject (but don’t forget about those pesky biases).

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