Comparison Guide - Luxury Vinyl vs. Standard Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is a good choice for many people where stain resistance and moisture retention are the key issue. It includes kitchens, basements, laundry rooms and bathroom.

Standard vinyl is a thin layer with designed protective coating. Apart from susceptible to tearing and gouging, it gives hard feeling underfoot especially when placed over concrete.

To response for this, entirely new vinyl flooring comes to fill the gap- LVF or luxury vinyl flooring. In market, you can avail it in the form or LVT or LVP. Alike laminate flooring, you can install it using similar click-lock interlocking system. The people with a limited budget will be in deep confusion whether to choose laminate or luxury vinyl as second-tier choices.

Luxury vinyl vs. standard vinyl is a great choice you need to make. Both of these possess some sets of pros and cons which you need to compare before choosing the final one. Although fundamentally these are same yet there are some basic differences between luxury vinyl and standard vinyl. Read on this blog to know them and choose the ideal one for you.


Standard vinyl

This one targets to resemble the look of stone or ceramic tiles. You can avail it in a number of colours and design patterns, including wooden look. As it possesses smooth layer and solid surface with less number of seams the simulated cracks are not convincing at all.

Luxury vinyl

Mainly, LVP (luxury vinyl planks) mimics the wooden look for laminate flooring. But LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) offer the design of ceramic or stone tiles. The latest form of LVT is highly convincing. Many times, when you want wooden appearance it becomes difficult to choose within laminate and luxury vinyl. You have hundreds of style and colour options to choose from.

Best- luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl is better than vinyl sheet for obtaining the wooden look. It can also mimic the appearance of ceramic and stone better over standard vinyl.

Heat and water resistance

Both of these are ideal choice for waterproof flooring. So, you can use them for any wet locations such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Standard vinyl

Vinyl sheet is highly water-resistance! These have a few seams than tiles or planks which will allow water for penetration to subfloor.

Luxury vinyl

It is fully synthetic material that can withstand against water damage. But the key problem with luxury vinyl is the seam between planks or tiles which may allow water to penetrate down.

Best heat and water resistance- standard vinyl

When water resistance is concerned, standard vinyl sheet is quite better over luxury vinyl planks. Both of these can bear normal heat like direct sunlight exposure but they can’t perform effectively under excessive heat. It’s not a suitable flooring material to place underneath furnace or water heater. Also you should be careful before dropping any heating appliances or hot skillets on the vinyl floor.

Care and cleaning

Both luxury and standard vinyl perform effectively using similar methods. Remember, you need to vacuum or sweep the floor daily and wipe up the stains and spills right away. Every week damp mop your floor using warm water with mild soap. Like old resilient linoleum floors, these don’t need waxes or sealers as it can dull away the shiny wear layer.

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Best care and cleaning- Tie

Comparing these two, none of these possess any special feature about care and cleaning.

Maintenance and durability

Standard vinyl

This floor possesses soft surface making is vulnerable to tears, scratches and dents. Repairing the damaged floors makes it tough to give the same convincing look. So, most people opt for complete flooring replacement for retaining the new look and finish.

Luxury vinyl

This one is quite thicker and rigid than the above one. As a result, its durability is also comparatively high. If there is damage in any plank, the entire flooring is possible to disassemble for replacing the damaged one.

Best maintenance and durability- Luxury vinyl

Due to the thick layer of luxury vinyl it is highly durable. Moreover, repairing is quite easy with luxury vinyl. However of these will become dull if they receive excessive direct sunlight exposure. So, you must get shaded windows for preventing the floors from dull look.


Standard vinyl

Installation of this kind of flooring sheet takes place using full glue-down for securing it with underlayment. However, some types are easy to install with the help of perimeter glue bond that adheres the flooring to edges and along seams. Standard tiles need glue-down bond to stay secured.

Luxury vinyl

Using the click-lock system, anyone can install these tiles or planks just by interlocking. It will float on sub-floor without any glue-down bond. However, a few luxury vinyl floors may need glue-down in some specific conditions.

Best installation- Luxury vinyl

To DIYers, luxury vinyl is easiest. You need professional assistance for installing standard vinyl sheets.


Standard vinyl

This is very budget-friendly with low rates if you purchase big-box from home improvement centres. Even the installation expensive is quite fair as it will finish quickly.

Luxury vinyl

Comparing to standard vinyl, this one is expensive. Even if you choose the designer style range of this kind of flooring, you need to pay more. However, due to easy installation process, you may not require installation costs. Moreover, you can perform the installation of your own.

Best in cost- Standard vinyl

Cost of raw material in standard vinyl is fairly affordable. In case you want to install luxury vinyl flooring then there are only limited benefits.


Standard vinyl

This flooring type has lifespan of about ten years. But the quality types will last for about 15 years.

Luxury vinyl

It is highly durable with lifespan of about 20-25 years in a row with proper maintenance.

Best lifespan- Luxury vinyl

Being heavy and thicker, luxury vinyl flooring lasts more than standard vinyl sheets.


Standard vinyl

These sheets are available in 6-12 feet wide rolls whereas tiles are 9-18 inches squares.

Luxury vinyl

This flooring option is available in both tile and plank form. The plank size is 48/4.5 inches. On the other hand, the tile size is 16/16 inches. But you can avail both large and small sized tiles as well.

Best size- Tie

No convincing advantage of size is there when you compare luxury vinyl vs. standard vinyl.

Comfort and sound

Standard vinyl

Vinyl sheet is very thin and provides too cold and hard underfoot if you install it over concrete subfloor.

Luxury vinyl

As it is thick, you can have soft feeling underfoot with great sound-blocking features in contrast to standard vinyl flooring. The comfort level is amazing if the luxury vinyl comes with foam or cork underlayment layers. Higher-grade luxury vinyl will provide laminate flooring for improved comfort.

Best comfort and sound- Luxury vinyl

When it is about sound transmission and underfoot comfort, luxury vinyl overshadows standard vinyl flooring.

Resale Value

Standard vinyl

People often choose it because of its affordability. It doesn’t add any to your real estate value.

Luxury vinyl

This option often doesn’t resemble the look of stone or ceramic tiles. But it is much better than laminate flooring options.

Best resale value- Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl goes ahead standard vinyl considering the value added to real estate. Luxury vinyl flooring gets high resale value over standard vinyl flooring.


While budget is not an option then luxury vinyl planks and tiles are ideal for your home. Although standard vinyl is good option for tight budget but it’s the minimum seam-construction that makes the floor waterproof. Find out one of the most reliable carpet fitters near you to install your floor in correct manner guiding you to get the perfect choice for your home.

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