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  • March 18, 2023
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.Would you like to be a lifeguard? or are you a swimming teacher or educator and want to be able to take care of water safety. When your school or institution is in the swimming pool or on the beach with the children?

This course is a comprehensive safety solution for schools and institutions that have activities in both the swimming pool and on the beach. The course also provides competence for students who want to become a lifeguard recertification in a swimming pool.

On the course, you will be trained in all areas of competence of the lifeguard in the swimming pool as well as on the beach. If your goal is to become a lifeguard recertification in a swimming pool. You can read more about the requirements that are placed on you and your skills in the lifeguard job in our brochure “How do I become a lifeguard?” .

The content of the qualifying pool test

Overall, the qualifying pool test consists of 4 parts:

  • A construction part – Safety and prevention of accidents in the swimming pool
  • Lifesaving techniques in the water
  • Swimming pool-related first aid – including use of the pool’s resuscitation equipment
  • Beach safety


The course assumes that you can swim 50 m with a t-shirt in less than 1.30 minutes, and that you can dive to the bottom 3 times. The pool is 3.8 meters deep. If it has been a long time since you have been to the swimming pool, it may be a good idea to go to the swimming pool and test your diving skills before signing up for the course.

Competence-providing course certificate

After passing the training, you receive the competence-enhancing pool test certificate, which gives you access to lifeguard jobs (in many swimming pools you will not even get an interview if you have not sent a lifeguard recertification together with your application). In addition to lifeguard recertification jobs, the education also gives you a strong card in your hand if you apply for e.g. the ambulance rescue school, a job as a swimming teacher in the elementary school or a pedagogue in institutions that have activities in the swimming pool .

Course framework

The pool trial course consists of a mixture of theory and practical exercises in first aid as well as training in lifesaving techniques in the water. Therefore, swimwear is brought toby the course, just as practical clothing is recommended by during the first aid exercises. You must also bring a t-shirt to the pool test itself (the water part).

Supplementary swimming training

We are happy to provide additional swimming lessons for students who are insecure about swimming or diving. Learn e.g. effective diving technique in just one hour, so you can get to the bottom without any problems.

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