3 Simple method to connect your PC to a TV wirelessly

Do you want to watch movies, youtube videos or other content from Windows to your Tv? If you have a smart Tv with chromecast you can do it easily and you will get the assistance to do it in this blog as here we will guide you how to connect a PC to a TV wirelessly. 

We will show you the three best ways which you can use to connect your windows to your PC without any cables so let us begin to know it. We would advise you to make sure that the steps which you are executing should be done correctly then you will be able to get the result you want. 

Method 1 – With the help of chromecast 

You need to turn on your Tv following which you have to open Google chrome and if you do not have it on your device then you must download it immediately from the play store.

Use the same Wi-Fi to connect a PC as well as TV and then open the app you wish to cast to your TV following which hits on the three dot menu and opt for the cast button. 

After pressing on the sources menu select what you want to cast and select your TV or your chrome cast device and begin watching the content you want without any issues. 

Method 2 – With the help of Wireless HDMI 

The next way to stream pc to tv is to use a wireless HDMI for which you should get a HDMI display adaptor first after which connect your wireless HDMI display adaptor. 

Following this you are supposed to set your TV to the HDMI input later on you should install and then configure the software of the HDMI adapter. 

Click on the windows button together with the K button on the keyboard of your PC and then hit on the name of your adapter. 

Method 3 – With the help of Miracast 

You need to begin with turning on your miracast TV to connect PC to TV wirelessly and then ensure that the PC you are using is supporting miracast. 

Similar to above ways here also you should connect PC and TV with the same network. 

Hit the network icon on the windows 11 and press on the cast button or you can also use shortcut by pressing windows and k key together. 

Select the name of your miracast and once you select the name you will be able to cast the content which you want on your TV without any issues. 

We believe that the three methods we have provided for you in this article were useful for you in streaming content on your TV from PC quite easily. 

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