Brands need to find the best packaging solution for what they are selling so that it can give a good impression to people of the product. If you are able to attract shoppers to what you are selling, you may be able to convince them towards buying it. Rigid boxes are one packaging type that you can choose especially if you sell luxurious products. The box gets made using hard material and it aims to provide maximum protection as well as firmness. You can customize the box according to what will attract the potential customer and what the product needs.

Read on to find out more about custom rigid boxes that align with consumer perceptions and purchase choices:

Keep products secure

If you are packaging delicate products or electronics for instance, you need to make certain that they are supported with sufficient material so that no damage or breakage occurs to them. If you are employing a box that has a separate base plus lid, utilize a break-proof seal so that you can enclose the box and stop products from falling out of it.

With the help of packaging inserts that you include in custom printed rigid boxes, you can hold the products in place. This will also stop them from moving around in the box. You should still add seals as well as stickers to close the box so that the product can remain safe.

You may choose magnetic lid boxes. Here magnets get glued to the lid which bends down and closes the box. The magnets are able to securely close the boxes and provide shoppers with a good unboxing experience.

Sustainable boxes

Let your brand be an advocate of green practices by showing this in its packaging. Use paper material or Kraft paper boxes for instance. Rigid boxes wholesale like this are totally biodegradable as well as compostable when they do not have finishes and lamination coated on them.

Apart from using sustainable packaging material, you should opt for eco-friendly ink. This can include water-based or even soy-based ink.

When it comes to Kraft boxes, these tend to be more resistant to different adverse climatic elements such as heat, moisture/humidity, as well as shock. Brown Kraft boxes will not give the impression of luxury, so you can employ minimalistic designs and the correct branding material so that the boxes can be regarded as premium packaging. With the help of white ink upon Kraft paper, the packaging can have an elegant and minimal look to it.

Use window and die-cut design

With a window or die-cut pattern, you can let customers have a sneak peek into what your product is. Transparency is not something that is new, but the way you add it on the box, can give it an innovative touch.

It is possible to embellish the windows by employing ribbons or even by adding your brand color. Brands that sell products which people want to see before buying, will look good in rigid boxes like these. The product will be able to stand out and make people have more confidence in wanting to buy it.

Choose a good color scheme

You should use color on packaging to make it stand out and allow your packaging to look more amazing. Here you will have to choose the right colors after considering color psychology which will let you know what colors mean. According to what you are selling, you must select the right colors which will attract your potential consumer base.

For example if you are packaging something luxurious like jewelry in custom rigid boxes, you should choose colors like black or purple to include on it for instance.

Use packaging for branding purposes

When you add your company’s logo on rigid boxes wholesale, you can let people know that your brand is a professional one that exists in the market. You will be aiding people in even knowing about the different products your brand sells when you include this brand logo on all of your packaging.

People should be able to recognize your logo and know that the product is from your company when they see it on other packaging. Therefore these boxes are able to help shoppers know about your brand as the box can advertise it.

Rigid boxes are a strong packaging solution that is able to give a good impression of a company. When you make the box strongly, it will protect your product making it reach people in good condition. It is important to even design the packaging well so that people will want to buy the product that your company is selling. You must be able to convince them to want to do this. You should include the right details, images, colors, etc. on the box so that it can stand out.

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