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Studying abroad is one of the best options for students seeking greater scopes with their education. Abroad education enables students to explore a new place, experience new cultures and heritage, and enrich themselves with several life experiences. Most students looking for abroad education opportunities prefer the USA or the UK for higher education. Both nations have some of the world’s top-ranking institutions that offer quality education for students. The UK is home to several reputed universities like the University of Oxford; University of Cambridge; University College London; Durham University; University of Edinburgh; King’s College London; University of Manchester; Imperial College London; University of Glasgow; etc. The USA has some top universities, including Harvard University; Stanford University; the University of Pennsylvania; the University of California, Berkeley; Northwestern University; etc. Students can connect with the Overseas Education Consultants for USA to learn more about it. This article explains the differences between Studying in UK vs USA. Read on to learn more.

Differences Between Studying In UK vs. The USA

Based on specific criteria, let us look at some basic differences between the UK and the US.

  1. Difference In Choosing A Degree

In the UK, students must choose their major beforehand, leaving them with little time to explore other options and subjects.

On the other hand, students studying in the USA do not require to declare their major until sophomore year.

  1. Difference In Education Costs

The UK government passed a law that declares that the universities in the UK can charge up to £9,000 per year as education costs. The government chooses a fee limit; however, it is up to the universities to follow the regulated scale. In addition, this fee can be significantly higher for international students coming to the UK for their education.

In contrast, the US has no constraint on how much the universities can charge, and this amount varies based on the universities and the courses. University fees in the US are broken down into in-state tuition fees or out-of-state tuition fees, and there is a difference between private and public universities.

  1. Difference In Course Length

The courses offered in the UK are shorter in duration. A Bachelor’s Degree course in the UK is 3 years long, while the Master’s Degree programs are usually 1-year long.

On the other hand, the courses in the USA are relatively long, with the Bachelor’s degree programs extending up to 4 years and the Master’s Degree courses extending up to 2 years.

  1. Difference In Education Procedure

The universities in the UK focus on lecture-based education with occasional assessments. However, the number of assessments may be less, and the students may not have to submit them until the end of a term or end-of-the-year exam.

On the other hand, the universities in the USA focus on the assessment-based education process. Therefore, the students studying in the US are required to submit monthly or weekly assessments.

  1. Difference In Work Opportunities

After some recent regulations, the UK government allows students to live in the country for up to two years after completing their education.

The USA allows international students to remain in the country for up to 60 days after graduation. During this period, the students can either enroll in another college for further education or join an Optional Practical Training (OPT) program to get employment on the F-1 visa.

  1. Difference In Environment

The UK offers a rich cultural heritage for students to explore. The country has a rich history and brilliant architecture for the students to see and learn.

On the other hand, the USA offers a diversity of locations. The country offers plenty of options for students.

  1. Difference In Postgraduation Opportunities

The UK focuses on the students’ extensive knowledge before they proceed to postgraduate education in any subject.

In contrast, the US allows students to pursue postgraduate education in their subject choice with minimal knowledge.


To sum up, both the USA and the UK offer excellent education opportunities for students. There are basic differences between the systems and norms of both countries. However, an education degree from both countries is highly valued worldwide and helps students build a more prosperous career. There are many UK Study Abroad Consultants In India who can help aspiring students learn more about the admission procedures to colleges in the UK.

The education systems and duration vary widely in the US and the UK. The students studying in the USA do not require to declare their major until sophomore year, which does not apply to UK-based universities. Furthermore, the courses in the USA are longer than the ones in the UK. While the universities in the UK focus on lecture-based education, the USA-based institutions focus on the assessment-based education process. In addition, there are major differences between the education costs in both countries, differences in living environment, career opportunities, and postgraduation systems.

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