A diamond is a symbol of status, power as well as love- it is entirely upon the buyer or the giver what the diamond would depict. Irrespective of the reason, diamonds have always been seen as an asset rather than a liability. Nothing is as valuable as diamond engagement rings London and they are always the preferred choice to profess your love. But is it an asset over the years? Even when it is a gift, a lingering concern remains about its asset value over the years. When you are buying something this expensive, it is an understandable curiosity if you wish to know whether your diamond will gain or lose value over time. Read on to find out more.

Factors affecting a diamond’s value

Several factors affect the value of the diamond. But above all, depreciation and appreciation of diamond value get the most affected by demand and supply. The market of diamonds rises and falls with the demand and supply, much like precious metals. When fresh diamonds are mined and start circulating in the market, the price is lower as the supply is high. The same applies to lab-grown diamonds which are produced consistently in bulk.
The diamond value is generally retained or increases over time. This is because the supply is limited. If you are purchasing a diamond at a fair price and maintain it well, the price is likely to increase over the years. This is especially true for organic diamonds of high quality. The lab-grown diamond market is slightly unpredictable. This is because the supply of lab-grown diamonds is not limited to organic diamonds. This influences the price of the diamond. However, this does not mean that lab-grown diamond will lose their value over the years. The value of both organic and lab-grown diamonds is likely to increase over the years due to inflation.

How to ensure you get maximum value for the diamond?

Diamonds are emotional and sentimental purchases but can prove to be an asset in your future too. If you are purchasing a high-quality diamond, the cost will not depreciate over time. Some think, the larger the diamond the better will be the return value from it. However, the price is dependent largely clarity and quality of the diamond as well as the metal it is set on.
There are several categories to determine the diamond grade. The higher quality diamonds with proper certification are going to fetch a better price. This is why it is important to buy a diamond from a jeweler who provides certified gemstones. Avoid buying from flea markets, pawn shops, and online stores that do not provide any certificate of authenticity.
Also, make sure, you retain the original box and the documents related to the diamond’s authenticity. Without these selling or getting a better value for your diamond would be difficult. Also, take care of your diamond and make sure it does chip or get cracks.

Whether the value of your diamond will grow or depreciate over the years depends largely on its maker, quality, history, and maintenance. Being a precious stone, a diamond is always valuable. From pear cut diamond engagement rings to classic solitaires- diamonds are and will remain eternal assets provided you choose a quality item.

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