Embroidery Digitizing Services

Embroidery digitizing! Don’t know much about it? Well after reading the following blog, you will have a good amount of information that will definitely increase your knowledge about it.

Embroidery Digitizing – Basic Knowledge

It is a process in which you have to convert the artwork into a digital file with the help of software that will enable the embroidery machine to be used to know about the path of the needle. Keep one thing clear in your mind: it is not an automated process and this is considered an art form due to the dedication and time involved!

Many of the embroidery machines have independent software that lets them control the different functions as they get to read the instructions stored in a file that has been digitized. Embroidery machines are not able to read the file in formats like PNG or JPG, so they need to be digitized and should be in a particular format that will be acceptable to a particular embroidery machine.

Different Embroidery File Types

Below are the different embroidery files types that you have to keep in mind are:

.dst: For Tajima commercial embroidery machines.

.jef: Perfect for Janome commercial embroidery machines.

.exp: Ideal for Melco commercial embroidery machines.

.tap: It is for Happy commercial embroidery machines.

.dsb: Compatible with Barudan commercial embroidery machines.

.kwk: For Brother commercial embroidery machines.

Basic Steps of the Process

Some of the basic steps that are part of the embroidery digitizing process are as follows:

1- First, the logo or design that is going to be used has to be uploaded to the digitizing software.

2- Next, there is a selection for the size of the embroidery design.

3- Selection regarding the stitch type. There are different types of stitches but some of the popular options are straight, fill, and satin stitches.

4- Setting up the direction of the stitch.

5- Selection regarding the colors of embroidery thread.

6- Transfer of files to the embroidery machine.

How To Get Affordable Embroidery Digitizing Service?

Finding a reliable company that can offer you the best services is always a hard thing to do! You can do it with ease and it needs proper time and research to get things done. But we are here to make things easy for you by telling you some essential pointers that you can keep in mind are as follows:

Experience Comes First

When going to hire a company, pick the one that has good years of experience. Do not settle to hire inexperienced companies as they attract customers with their low rates but that will create problems for you later. Hire a company that has a good track record in the industry. You must check their previous work on their website or social media pages to make your final decision.

Technology Is Must

Pick a company that uses the latest technology and software for creating the embroidery files. The digitizer which is going to do the work should be using advanced software for developing the file that is compatible with the embroidery machine under consideration. Not using the latest technology will lead to the creation of low-quality embroidery files.

Know The Turnaround Time

It is one of the essential things to keep in mind before you hire a company. Some of the companies are offering same day delivery and some say to get it in a few hours and some deliver it in 2 or more days. It is best to have a discussion earlier about the deadline as it can be only defined after knowing the complexity of design. For a better idea, you should get the delivery time of two or three companies for your specific order to make up your mind.

Good Pricing Matters

It is essential to consider the pricing factor in mind when picking a company to get the service of embroidery digitizing. The rates should be market competitive with no compromise on the quality. It is best to compare the two or three rates offered by different companies to pick one that is nearest to your set budget.

Good Customer Service

A great customer service offered by the company you can pick will be a cherry on the top. Customer support team availability 24/7 or for a certain period is good for the customers to get answers to their queries related to technical information, instant quotes, edits, and order placement.

Hopefully, now hiring a company for the embroidery service will be easy for you with the above pointers and your knowledge regarding the process will be improved. Connect with a company today to kick-start your work!

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