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  Google ads logo, with the help of business information, you may enhance your current desktop and mobile text advertisements with corporate branding elements like your company name and logo. By utilizing brand equity, these assets can assist you in developing stronger connections with both potential and current clients.


Please be aware that the presence of specific resources is not guaranteed and that, in the interest of quality, Google may elect to substitute a placeholder logo and a Link for those resources. And business information is presently not accessible to all users but will eventually become available to marketers who automatically meet the aforementioned eligibility requirements. Please contact your Advertising account representative or Google customer service if you have any questions.

Create assets for business information

Dynamic assets for business information. Google AdWords will crawl your website and automatically generate a company name and company logo for you as a starting point. You can access and delete these assets on your Google AdWords account’s “Assets” page. As explained below, you can also decide to use your own assets (such as your company’s name and logo). Your advertisements will display your display URL and a placeholder logo if Google Ads was unable to crawl and identify relevant assets on your website OR if you presently do not match the eligibility requirements.

Assets for business information

If you’re eligible, you can upload one business name and one business logo under each campaign. Google ads logo helps to understand the business.

Asset specifications

Business information assets must abide by all Google AdWords, Trademark, and Copyright policies in order for us to guarantee that consumers receive high-quality advertising experiences. These assets are additionally subject to additional format specifications.

Business name requirements

Either the domain name or the legal name entered via Advertiser Verification must be exact matches. 25 maximum characters for character length Supported languages: EN, JP, FR, and DE.

Business logo requirements

The logo must be appropriate for the promoted business and consistent with the domain name. Square: Aspect Ratio (1×1) Resolution of the image: 1200 x 1200 (recommended); 128×128 (minimum) (minimum) file types: PNG and JPG; File size maximum: 5120 KB support for both light and dark modes Google may render your logo in different ways, so place your vital material in the center, taking up 80% of the image, as a recommended image-safe region.


With the assets report, you can see how well your company name and logo have performed in terms of clicks and impressions. You can also remove any of these assets from the reporting table.

Generate the appropriate business representation assets based on the structure of your accounts.

All of the ad groups are included in a given campaign. It should be appropriate for the company name and logo you supply. Make sure your asset is pertinent to each campaign. If you choose to link the same asset to more than one campaign.

Consistent resources for a particular domain

Google advises utilizing one company name and one logo for a specific domain name across all of your campaigns and accounts to ensure the greatest user experience. And the display URL and placeholder logo will be the defaults for your ad while it continues to run.

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