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“Good education” refers to a learning process that prepares individuals to lead fulfilling and productive lives.It gives people the information, abilities, and morals they need to realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to society.

Good education should be inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of background. It should be taught by knowledgeable and well-trained teachers who are dedicated to teaching.

Best International Preschool in Singapore

GIIS is one of the best international preschools in Singapore. The core value of GIIS is unwavering dedication to excellence. To offer international students the best education possible, the school embraces ethical activities and cutting-edge methodologies.

GIIS develops students into distinguished leaders who are dedicated to the spirit of excellence through high-quality education. The experienced and compassionate teachers help strengthen strong virtues and values while putting an emphasis on all-around development, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Education at GIIS

The school does not just focus on the academic excellence of the students. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication skills are also emphasised in the education provided at GIIS, and students are encouraged to cultivate a lifelong love of learning.


GIIS adheres to a distinct framework that focuses on students’ overall development. The curriculum is well-rounded and challenging, covering all the subjects and school activities. The 9 GEMS framework emphasises excellence in nine areas like academics, athletics, the arts, skills, and values.

Faculty and Facilities

GIIS has a highly qualified, well-trained, and passionate teaching staff. The faculty provides the best support and guidance to students. GIIS supports continuous learning. In order to keep up, the faculty also participates in training sessions and workshops every year. 

The school is equipped with modern technology. Every classroom is digitalized, and the teachers make the best use of the technology to teach the students.

Scholarships and Secondary School Fees

For various grade levels, GIIS offers different scholarships. These are awarded in accordance with academic merit. The scholarships offered to students at GIIS may result in a fee reduction of up to 80%.

Given the amenities the school possesses, the secondary school fees at GIIS are affordable and acceptable. You receive a clear fee structure from GIIS, with no additional or hidden fees. Check out the fee structure on their website.

School Activities

GIIS organises various programs and events to enhance students’ learning experiences and develop their personal and social skills. The school has many clubs where students can explore their interests and passions outside the classroom. 

The activities also provide students with the chance to get physically active and develop team skills. School activities help students develop important life skills, form relationships with peers, and have fun while learning.


The quality of education at GIIS is highly regarded. It offers world-class facilities, experienced teachers, and innovative curriculums that aim to nurture young learners. The school provides a multicultural and inclusive learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds can come together and develop a global perspective. 

The GIIS provides a kid with an extraordinary foundation for their future and personal development by placing a significant emphasis on academic performance, creativity, and character development.

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