Keywords play a vital role when it comes to SEO. When you are trying to decide how many SEO keywords you need to use per page, you ought to consider the length of the article, keyword relevancy and many other factors.

Ideally, one should try to use a keyword per page while using three different variations of the keywords. Each webpage should focus on a single topic, including the primary keywords which are prevalent in your content. It is essential to choose one to three keywords per page. This is the fundamental way to explain how many keywords one should focus on. However, you will need to consider some other things to obtain the highest rankings.

Why is the keyword important?

Keywords are essential as they directly connect what people search for and the content you are trying to provide to satisfy all their needs. Every person’s goal is to drive traffic from the SERPs, and the only way to do it is by relying on the right kind of keywords. They affect the quantity of traffic you get. They also affect the quality.  

The main focus of the keywords is your audience rather than the content one is trying to create. Making content that is organic and drives enough traffic is essential. It is achievable by understanding all the needs of potential visitors.

How many keywords for a page to rank?

A single page can score for thousands of different keywords. The number of keywords that a page can rank for depends on how much you have optimized the page for SEO and the total number of searches related to that particular topic. 

Normally, the top ranking page will rank for 1000 relevant keywords, whilst the lower ranking pages are the ones which will rank for fewer keywords.

The main reason that this happens is that a single page can rank for hundreds and thousands of relevant keywords, which are known as long-tail keywords. They are the ones which are typically known as the longer forms of the root keywords. For example, A webpage that will rank as the ‘best SEO keyword generator’ will also rank as the ‘SEO keyword tool’ for many small businesses. 

How many keywords should one focus on?

One should try to focus their attention on two to three keywords per page as the minimum threshold. It will include your main keyword and two closely correlating words. If one opts to focus on more than one whilst making the content sound more natural, then he can optimize for more keyword variations. 

How many keywords per page?

If you want to figure out how many keywords per page your website needs, it is essential for you to ask yourself one important question: what is the webpage’s main topic? 

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Step 1: Your page’s subject.

For instance, let us assume that you run an e-commerce store which sells a wide range of hats. We all know that the subject of your webpage, in this particular case, is hats. However, you should ponder upon what you should call them exactly.

Google Keyword planner is a famous keyword research tool which will give you excellent insight, and it will give you many popular phrases such as ‘bucket hats’ or ‘baseball hats’.

Step 2: The different varieties of that particular subject.

After you have picked the keyword you want to go with, it is also essential to consider all the different variations of it. In this case, you should go with ‘men’s bucket hats’, ‘boonie hats’ and so on.

You can also run all these products on a single webpage. It is also essential to have a main webpage which revolves around the regular bucket and links that website visitor to other variations of that particular product.

Step 3- Organize those varieties.

You must organize all the different varieties on your site in a way which makes sense to search engines as well as visitors alike. It means that you ought to provide additional information for every sub-type of keyword you need to target. From a page that is titled ‘bucket hats’ the users should potentially be able to choose a web page which only includes ‘women’s bucket hats’.

All the pages should also include the information which contains the subject keyword. You should try to be as specific as you can to get the most amount of traffic.

How many keywords per page do you actually need?

Each article on your website should ideally focus on a single keyword. Make sure to develop additional pages that specifically focus on any distinct variations of the keyword if there are any. 

Ensure that you include each keyword in a natural way. It should be relevant. You can also get a chance to show Google as well as your website visitors that you are knowledgeable about the things which are related to your industry. It will make you an authority amongst the competitors. 

If you yearn to be impactful on your customers, ensure to only rely on a single specific keyword per page. 

For all the top-level pages such as categories, it is important for you to remember to link to the lower-level posts. This entire process is called internal linking. This way, the search engine will understand how pages are related to each other. It also increases your chances of ranking in the SERPs. 

 After you have done that, the content present on your website will be targeted to the keywords that will continue to generate more and more traffic.

How many Meta keywords should be there for SEO?

Meta keywords are those keywords that are usually found in a section of the webpage’s HTML Code. This contains the title, Meta description tag and Meta keyword tag. Each of the three tags should contain one or more of your key terms. 


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