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How to choose the right tree for your garden?

How do you choose the right tree for your garden?

We like a few things more than having a garden at home! This space is perfect for spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, or simply relaxing in the shade of a tree. If you want to build the garden of your dreams, you cannot miss a leafy tree as the main element. Take note of these tips to plant the right one and keep it healthy.

  • Look around you and notice the trees your neighbors planted. Learning from their experience will avoid some negative surprises when we venture out without having any prior knowledge. Remember that some types of trees tend to be delicate, depending on the quality of the soil in which they are planted.
  • I went to a nursery. Find out from an expert to help you choose the best option for your garden: take into account maintenance factors, size and growth of branches and roots.
  • If you live in a hot area, it is best to choose deciduous trees. These will give you the necessary shade in summer and allow the sun’s rays to pass through in winter, when it renews its leaves.
  • If you live in a very cold area, it is best to plant evergreen trees (yes, those whose leaves do not fall). A trick? You can plant them to the north of the house and thus block cold drafts, especially in winter.
  • I chose the correct area of ​​the garden: it is usually recommended to plant it in one of the corners of the garden that have the greatest distance from the structure of the house. In this way, you give enough land for the tree to extend its roots and prevent any branches from falling on the roof of the home.
  • He will plow the land monthly . This way you will ensure that the sulfate from the soil is ventilated and the roots can breathe. Additionally, if you want to improve the appearance of the leaves and fruits, you can use organic fertilizer every 3 months so that it obtains a greater amount of nutrients.

Yes, we know that the process of researching and planting trees in the garden can be a bit arduous and delicate. But if you want to ensure that your garden is healthy, you can seek the advice and care of our Gardening professionals. You just have to visit website Treescene and make your request to contact them. Have you already thought about what trees you will plant?

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