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Alberta is among the most popular provinces in Canada. Most people immigrating to Canada prefer living in Alberta. The introduction of the Alberta PNP program by the Canadian Government aims to provide hassle-free immigration processes for skilled foreign entrepreneurs and workers who could move to Alberta and flourish in the Canadian province. But before that, you need to understand how the program works and which streams you can go through. This guide will assist you in understanding the tips that could help you apply for the program. 

What Makes Alberta an Attractive Immigration Choice?

For years, Alberta has been attracting a lot of newcomers from all over the world. It is Canada’s chief energy province and a huge part of the gas and oil industry. Covered with lush forests and surrounded by Canada’s rocky mountains, Alberta has unending grasslands with a humid continental climate.

Alberta immigration helps tap into jobs that offer high salaries, lucrative opportunities in the country’s vibrant economy and, more importantly, a better lifestyle. These reasons have transformed Alberta into a great destination for residence and work.

What is the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program? 

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program or the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program is an immigrant recruitment program in Canada which provides a permanent residency visa to stay and work in Canada. If you are nominated through this program, even your partner or dependent children can make an application for permanent residency. The AINP or Alberta PNP program has two streams, one for entrepreneurs and the other for workers.

AINP – Stream for Workers

If you want to immigrate to Alberta to work and live there, this stream is a great option. Even under this stream, you will have two categories, which are as follows:

– Alberta Opportunity Stream

Through this stream, you can apply for the PNP program in Alberta. Those already having a job offer get more preference. You also become eligible for this specific stream if you work and live in Alberta.

– Alberta Express Entry Stream

You can get nominated by a wide pool of candidates through this stream. You are already eligible if you want to contribute to its economy in some way or possess a strong connection with the province. Secondly, if you have graduated from Canada’s institutions, it will make your eligibility stronger.

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AINP – Stream for Entrepreneurs 

This stream is perfect for you if you want to live, purchase, or open your own business in Alberta. Even in the stream for entrepreneurs, there are two categories involved: 

– Self-Employed Farmer Stream

This stream is curated to assist people and other foreign immigrants willing to begin their farms in Canada. The self-employed farmer stream and the Alberta immigration program permit experienced agricultural entrepreneurs to enter Canada and get permanent residency. If you choose this stream, you must meet all the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry requirements and the Alberta PNP program. 

– International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

This stream qualifies people who have already had an educational qualification from a university or college in Alberta. Besides this, you must show at least six months of working experience in the business you are willing to start in Alberta. You must hold a completed degree, diploma or graduate-level documentation from a Canadian institute in a skilled profession to move to Alberta.

Tips for Applying to the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Some tips that will help you immensely in applying to the Alberta PNP program are the following:

  • Before applying to the PNP program, you must carefully read all the terms and conditions provided. This step is crucial as the program’s eligibility criteria can change without prior notice. You will have to keep yourself updated and well-informed.
  • To get nominated for AINP, it is compulsory to take a language proficiency test, wherein you must score the pre-stated CLB points to qualify for the Alberta PNP program.
  • Every stream of the AINP has different criteria for selection. The opportunity stream will examine if you are already working or living in Alberta. From the farmer stream, only experienced farmers and entrepreneurs get nominated. For this reason, you must choose the stream that will be most suitable for you.


When applying to the Alberta PNP program, you must consider the various criteria and conditions. If required, you can also take help from Canada immigration consultants to move to Alberta and boost your overall chance of immigration. It would help if you started planning on the application process months before you intend to move to ensure your successful move to Alberta.

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