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Jain Farm, a rural farm, is located in Bangalore city which is an ideal place for many people who want to get away from their busy schedule and love to experience the tranquility of nature. Since the Jain farm is a rural farm, people from the urban cities can have an opportunity to spend some time with their near and dear ones in the rural area. This farm offers a unique rural experience for the visitors and it is spread over 700 acres of land. This article mainly focuses on the Jain Farm and its novel characteristics that helps  in attracting people who are looking for an experience of both the beauty and tranquility of rural India.


Jain farm is mainly situated in the city outskirts of Bangalore. It is around 50 kilometers away from the heart of the city. The farm is located in a small village of Byagadadenahalli in Nelamangala Taluk. This is a prime location which can be easily accessed by the visitors as well as the nearby towns and cities.


You won’t be disappointed regarding the hospitality that you will receive from the local people. In fact there are many options of provisions for accommodation for the visitors. The Jain farm has about 20 cottages and each cottage can easily accommodate 4 people. In the cottage you will find the basic amenities and are designed in such a way to make it comfortable for the guests. If you don’t want to spend much money then worry not because you can get the option of dormitory. The dormitory can accommodate around 50 people at once.

The cottages and dormitory are designed in such a way to help the guests in feeling the rustic and authentic rural farm experience. Mainly the materials which are used in building the cottages are brought from the locals and are designed in such a way to blend it with the natural surroundings. Once you reach there you won’t be able to pick any difference between your cottage with that of the nearby houses. Isn’t it wonderful!


Jain Farm provides its guests with the authentic and local delicacies by serving them with South Indian Thali, usually prepared from locally sourced ingredients. The food served is basically simple but is highly nutritious. The meals are served in the dining hall to experience the local culture. There is even a provision of  cooking classes for the guest who wants to learn how to prepare authentic South Indian meals. You can get a chance of hands-on training by the high class chefs who will teach you more about the local cuisine and its method of preparation.


There is a never ending list of options of various activities that you can choose from during your stay at Jain Farm. The most preferred activity by the visitors is farming, where they participate in various farming activities that includes ploughing, sowing and even harvesting the crops. In this way the guests can learn the farming methods that are still practiced in rural parts of our country.

Apart from traditional farming, you can also take strolls during morning or evening in nature and can also watch the migratory birds. You can also get a chance to explore the unique flora and fauna in the countryside near the farm. The farm houses a variety of birds such as peacocks, kingfishers, eagles, parrots etc.

If you are still looking for adventurous activities then you can give a try on rock climbing and zip lining which will help you with adrenaline rush.


Are you planning for a family event in a rural area? Then, Jian farm will not disappoint you because it is an ideal spot for important events and a venue for celebrations. It has got a large open auditorium that has the capacity of 500 people and is perfect for weddings, birthday celebrations, conferences and other occasions.

The space of the farm is so large that it can also be used for outdoor events like musical concerts and festivals. The annual Bangalore rural festival also took place at this farm. This farm hasan history of hosting many cultural events and festivals in the past.


Jain Farm has committed to traditional farming practices and preserving the local environment. The crops produced are mainly organic devoid of any trace of chemical fertilizers. Most importantly, it helps in providing employment to the local communities and helps the local artisans to showcase their skills in front of the country. With its modern yet with a tint of local-like accommodation, delicious native delicacies and wide range of activities, Jain Farm is an ideal place for its visitors.



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