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  • March 21, 2023
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Log homes are a growing trend today, and we have more choices of styles and construction than our grandparents. Two of the favorites are log siding homes and timber frame homes. Those made with log siding have some advantages over timber frame houses you should understand such as lower cost and faster construction.

Understanding Log Siding Homes

Building a log siding home is easy to understand. The siding is installed on conventional wall framing with simple tools and screws. OSB board and house wrap are first placed on the framing followed by the siding and then cutting out spaces for windows and doors.            

The construction process begins by installing wiring, plumbing, and ductwork within the framing, followed by adding insulation to the walls. Afterwards, workers install the siding on both the exterior and interior walls using the same method and apply window and door trim before finishing the siding. This process prepares the walls of the building for their final touches.                                                                

Compared to building with huge posts and beams in timber frame construction, the process of installing wiring, plumbing, ductwork, insulation, siding, and trim on a conventional framed building is simpler.   You will also appreciate the lower construction costs. Learn more about wood log siding compared to other types of siding. 

What Are Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame homes use frame structures of large posts and beams joined with pegs rather than nails or screws. Most of them have walls on the outside of the frames that leave the timbers exposed. They are strong structures that do not need load-bearing walls in the middle of the cabin.                                                                                                                                                                 

Timber frame homes can look gorgeous with varying wall materials. Their open concept can be easily achieved but this construction has some issues:

  • They are poor sound blockers
  • Material shipping costs are higher
  • Higher labor cost for specialized carpenters
  • Most are customized that raises costs
  • Timbers may be exposed to weather before construction

Overall, it can be more difficult to find builders in your area with the expertise to construct this style of home. The total cost can exceed homes built with pine log siding.

Building Time Comparisons: Log Siding Homes Versus Timber Frame Homes

The time it takes to build a home depends on its square footage, availability of workers, weather conditions, and availability of materials. Builders can typically construct homes faster in warmer climates with less rainfall.

A few months of waiting is typical from the time timber frames are ordered until they are manufactured and delivered by builders. In contrast, materials for log siding homes are easier to obtain, which means that construction can begin sooner.

As a result, log siding homes can be built in less than four months, while timber frame homes usually take at least four months or more to build. This makes log siding homes a more efficient option for those who want to build a home quickly.

Cost Comparisons: Log Siding Homes Versus Timber Frame Homes

The cost of building a house rests on its style, quality of materials, labor, where you live, house size, and material transportation. These are average square foot costs and their reasons:

  • The final turn-key cost of timber frame cabins is $350 to $375 per square foot. These costs are based on more time spent custom designing the home. The timbers must be shaped to fit with electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Timbers and beams must be integrated with windows and doors that raise costs. Skilled labor also costs more to configure the peg joints. Learn more about timber frame home construction costs.
  • The final turn-key cost of pine 3×8 half log siding homes is $115 to $165 per square foot. The lower costs are based on conventional wall framing with the addition of log siding installed on the exterior and interior walls. Traditional carpenters and skilled homeowners can install the log siding.

As you can see, the overall cost of building a log siding house is much less. Determine the total square-foot cost for the size house you want, and you will see a major difference!

Buying Log Siding Home Materials

The essential building phases of a log siding home are the same as conventional houses. Once they are completed, the log corners, log trims, and siding are installed. These three materials are available online through the Log Home Shoppe. You may also want to order:

  • Knotty pine paneling for ceilings and decking
  • Half log mantels for placing over the fireplace
  • Knotty pine flooring
  • Pine and cedar interior doors
  • Interior knotty pine trim
  • Stains and sealants
  • Caulking and chinking

Quality and price are standouts with all our log home products. The manufacturer makes sure that each piece has the correct moisture content and will hold stain properly by kiln-drying it. Additionally, they inspect each piece by hand to ensure its quality and offer their products at reasonable prices. Consider the benefits of a log siding home over a timber frame home.


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