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Imagine a warehouse without a stacker! Moving and storing bulky products around the warehouse would be a challenge. Battery-operated stackers are cheaper compared to electric stackers. In addition, they do not emit exhaust fumes and noise, hence very ideal.

Any business owner will want to extend the life and performance of their battery stacker. Hence battery replacement and overall maintenance are crucial. For maintenance, you must ensure the battery is clean and serviced regularly. Regarding battery replacement, always wear protective gear and follow compliance, such as avoiding smoking.

Read on to learn more tips to ensure your battery-operated stacker has a longer life:

Maintenance for Battery Operated Stackers

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that the batteries used have a long and useful life. Here are a few tips to ensure proper stacker battery maintenance:

  • Charge the Battery Properly

Remember that over or undercharging the battery will significantly reduce its lifespan. It may be tempting to charge it when convenient. It should only be charged when necessary and, to a certain degree, significantly when below 30% charge.

  • Check the Level of Fluids

A stacker’s battery needs the right amount of water to work at full capacity. Always check two or three cells and ensure that the plastic battery element is covered with enough fluid. If you find there is not enough fluid, make sure to add.

  • Maintain Water Levels

You should know how much water your battery needs and how the water levels affect the batteries in terms of performance. If the water levels are not okay, you must top off the battery fluid at least every ten charges. You need to add enough water for a brand-new battery to cover the plastic element protector.

  • Keep Batteries at the Correct Temperature

You must consider the best temperature for the battery in use. This will help in prolonging its life. If you can’t place it at the recommended temperature, ensure it’s in place to get plenty of air circulation to allow the battery cool.

Battery Replacement for Battery Operated Stackers

A battery-operated pallet stacker needs battery replacement for the machine to perform correctly.

Here are a few recommended tips:

  • Have Personal Protective Equipment

All workers who come into contact with the batteries must wear rubber gloves and protective goggles. This ensures that you protect your skin and eyes from burns from the battery acid. It is vital to have deionized water near due to the volatility of the battery acid.

  • Correctly Set Up the Charging Area

Ensure the area has fire extinguishers, neutralization mechanisms, and other first-aid equipment. These items are essential in ensuring the safety of the employees involved in battery replacements.

  • Ensure Adherence to Compliance

All relevant standards must be strictly implemented. Smoking is strictly prohibited near battery charging stations. It is crucial to have the area well-ventilated. All employees must avoid jewelry such as necklaces to prevent chemical fires from igniting.

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Battery-operated stackers are now very common in many warehouses. Without stackers, operations in a warehouse would be challenging. That’s why they must be well maintained and checked if they need battery replacement to operate optimally.

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