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Plantation in Pakistan

Plantation in Pakistan


Pakistani people have only two passions, money and countless. It is said that a Pakistani found a glass bottle lying on the road. He thought to get some job. He broke the bottle on the road so that the tires of passing cars continued to be punctured. Coincidentally, there was a jinn imprisoned in this bottle, because he was imprisoned before the creation of Pakistan, so he was not familiar with the deeds of Pakistanis, so he thought that maybe the bottle was broken to free him. He asked, sir, tell me any three wishes. The Pakistani said that one should be taxal in my house, which would keep printing notes indiscriminately and even if it happened in front of everyone, then those notes would be automatically transferred to my pockets and accounts, and thirdly, everyone else’s notes should be fake. When I started to go, the Pakistani said, “Brother, you are angry, let’s get a free visa for Europe or an Arab country.”


So, in a country where people’s thinking starts with money and ends with money, it is very difficult to motivate a good deed. However, with us, the only good thing is prayer and fasting, after that do whatever you want. Our Muslimness is also limited to individuality. We follow only those hadiths and verses that emphasize individual worship, such as fasting, prayer, brushing, beard, clothing, etc. When it comes to society and collectivity, there is no Muslimness. Good manners, tree planting, equal measure Our Islam is silent on the weight, the acquisition of knowledge, the rights of the servants. The prayer board at the hashish shops in other areas is not such an old thing. You must have heard the dialogue of that movie that “Stealing is my profession, prayer is my duty.”


Now Alhamdulillah I myself am a Pakistani, so it becomes my duty to stand by my brothers, so today I will highlight the reasons why trees should not be uprooted at all, but the poor few children should also be uprooted. Evil and bad habits should not be uprooted from us even if it is a tree.


There are so many disadvantages of trees that Pakistanis do not plant them rightly. All creatures like jinns, ghosts, witches, past fairies, and other fairies are found on trees. As if the only solution to terrorism is the ban on double riding, the only way to chase away the jinn is to cut down the trees. So brothers, they don’t believe in ghosts, that’s why jinns are not found there, like the world was at peace until germs were discovered (germs mean germs, not America, that is, no one knew about germs, so people How to be afraid of them or be careful) Second, clinging witches, at least according to our eyes, have passed many times here in Europe. Fourth and above all, why should we imitate the English infidels?


There is also a disadvantage of trees, that by planting trees, bees come and make a home on them and bite people and sensitive people like us, who are allergic to bee stings from afar. Why plant trees and put lives at risk? Therefore, by planting trees, they should not be given a chance to cut. As for the rest of the honey, we buy it from the companies in the market, and bees are a little necessary for this honey, but it requires sugar syrup, which is also good for health, as we know. How dirty are flies?


Trees also emit a lot of odor. In the morning, your servant swept and threw the dirt at the front door of the house, so that by afternoon, your yard was full of leaves again. As far as shade is concerned, we will buy a green cloth of 2000 rupees per meter from the market. Some people say that trees spread fragrance, so they are the plants on which flowers usually come and even if they come on a tree, the problem of cleanliness remains in its place that the leaves do not take care of their flowers either. So, the easiest solution is to bring an air freshener for just two hundred rupees and solve the problem.


It is said that trees help in cleaning the air pollution. They provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Believe me, these are all people’s stories like global warming. And in any case, it is not better to wait two years to plant a 10-rupee plant to prevent pollution. Bring a 5-rupee mask and put it on your nose and get immediate results. Anyway, we want Pakistanis to be there now. We did not learn to eat by cooling.

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