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If you’re a businessperson looking to seek out new ventures that you can invest in, or a parent who wants to establish the foundation for safety and security, there’s a myriad of reasons to get the property you want could be a wise move.

Despite the fact that purchasing a home is often seen as a significant step toward independence or adulthood, it can be difficult, especially if you are unaware of the hazards involved or well-versed in the process.

However, the benefits significantly outweigh the negatives when you’re asking us. What are the reasons to invest in a home? or any other property to be honest? Let’s look at some properties and let us hope this inspires you to take the first step in your quest.

  • The Cost Of Homes Tends To Increase Over Time.

The cycle of Gambia real estate prices go upwards and downwards. Over the years, real estate has been steadily increasing.

In the last two decades in the U.S homes have been increasing from 3% to 6% annually. The same trend is applicable to Malaysian homes as well.

Although there may be downturns and slowdowns in general, house prices tend to rise in the event of a major economic downturn. A property purchase is generally an investment with long-term security.

gambia real estate
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  • It Is Fairly Simple To Get Started.

There are instances of buyers who didn’t initially plan to make money from the properties, but ended up making the most.

The first step was to purchase the house they wanted to reside in. After seeing how much the value grew and the potential for profit in the investment in real estate companies in Gambia could be the reason they decided to invest more frequently.

It doesn’t require you to be an experienced to invest in real estate. Sometimes it’s only making the first move that is important.

  • Selling Above The Value

It is possible to increase property value and value home instantly by giving your home some freshening up or makeover/renovation.

The downside is that you don’t have the money to complete all the work required prior to purchase but once everything is all set and in order, you can take home a substantial income. Experienced investors typically provide their properties with an overhaul prior to flipping.

  • Bank Credit

In contrast to the stock exchange or the forex market, banks provide loans to those who are looking to purchase a property. This is not the case for those who are looking to invest in the stock market.

In the majority of cases you enter it only with the resources you’ve got, however with property you can finance them and for newly constructed properties it is possible to get better discounts on the package.

  • When Compared To Shares And Stocks, It Is Much Easier To Comprehend

There’s plenty of education and research required in the world of stock markets. The trading world is a complicated and difficult one.

If you make a mistake, you could end up with a huge loss. However, investing in property could be a more enjoyable experience.

There are plenty of resources online to learn as well like and property investment is relatively straightforward for the most part.

  • It’s Your Home

One of the major motives why people are enticed to buy their own home is due to the satisfaction of owning a home. It can provide a sense of stability and security for you and your family.

It’s a matter of security in the way you look at it. Pink paint the walls, put tiles on the floors, set up any type of fixture that is permanent and adopt as many animals as you like (unless the management won’t let it). Make whatever you like. You won’t be able to do all of it in a rented home.

  • The Majority Of The Time Pricing Can Be Negotiated

Shares can be purchased at the price that is market-value at the moment. This is not the case when buying property in Gambia.

Negotiation is a part of both selling and buying, and you can get offers on properties which are significantly less than the market value.

In fact, even primary properties can be negotiate to a certain extent regarding things like rebates, discounts or freebies.

  • An Asset That Is Flexible

You could rent the property out to generate a regular stream of income, or you could reside in it. The property is yours to keep.

If the winds of life go against you still have this home to live in. When you’ve settled back, you’ll be able to relocate or not. It’s entirely all up to you.

  • One Of The Most Secure Investments

As oppose to the fluctuation that is Forex as well as the market for shares, property be consider as one of the most stable investments.

The steps and effort required when buying a property makes it extremely resistant to market fluctuations. It is extremely unlikely that the real estate market will collapse overnight.

  • Profiting From The Development Of A Region

Perhaps, when you purchased the property or house the place where it was located was just getting ready for growth. As new amenities are introduce and new housing options are add, demand for homes and prices may rise.

If you’re a first time homebuyer, the process of entering the world of property can see rather daunting; despite the advice and encouragement you might receive from family members and close acquaintances.

It’s normal to have doubts, but don’t let these doubts hinder your judgement and prevent you from making the opportunity to invest in a good investment like Gambia real estate.

Five Companies That Offer Property Valuation Services

To help in determining the correct value of the property, the procedure operates in the following methods:

  • ¬†Submitting Property Documents, legal deed. related to the property
  • ¬†A visit to the house by a certified appraiser
  • ¬†inspections of the building’s interior and exterior
  • Measurement of property, evaluation of quality and style of construction attestation, as well as pictures with the date stamp
  • Assessment of the property’s location based on nearby facilities as well as the advantages of being near

Preparation of the final Property Valuation report containing calculated valuation figures similar sales, descriptions and photos

The Importance Of Property Valuation

Buyers can have their property assess if he/she is interest in any reason. According to the following criteria, the value of a property or home is crucial to buyers:

From The Perspective Of The Buyer

Cheap houses for sale in Gambia can help a buyer to determine the value of the property, and also whether the price quoted by the owner/ seller is correct or not.

In certain instances, property owners will quote exorbitant rates for their home citing reasons such as the quality of the construction or the additional features offered.

Certain apartment developers charge high fees or charge very high per square foot rates compared to the market prices in the neighborhood and offer the flat for sale at prices that are astronomical.

Before closing the deal must have a Property Valuation done as it helps them avoid paying a higher cost as well as falling for fraudulent practices or frauds committed by builders.

gambia real estate
Image Source: Swami India International Limited Gambia

From The Home Loan Perspective

If the buyer is planning to obtain a home loan to purchase the property, the lender must conduct a house appraisal first before putting the loan’s seal amount.

The mortgage terms and conditions of the loan are based on the property’s final valuation report.

For many development projects and redevelopment projects prior to making a loan extension the bank first evaluates the feasibility of the project through the Property Valuation exercise.

From a Renting Perspective

There are many buyers on the Gambia houses sector who intend to purchase a house or shop or flat to lease. To offer a reliable option for revenue generation, this investment was made.

Property Valuation assists in calculating the market value, and from that, the buyer could anticipate a monthly rent of 6 to 10% of estimated value.

Additionally, Property Valuation also throws some light on the rental rates in the area and evaluates the value of the property as it relates to its rental value.

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