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An online logistic delivery management system helps in the optimization of warehousing and shipping operations. It also ensures proper tracking of products from suppliers to the end user.

Logistics software systems help to fulfill growing delivery volumes and maintain customer satisfaction. It also enables forecast accuracy and automation to meet perpetual demand fluctuations.

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eLogistics solution is an online logistic delivery management system that helps courier companies to manage all logistics operations from the start of a courier order to driver pickup and delivery. It helps in reducing labor costs, tracking orders, and improving efficiency. It also increases customer satisfaction and reduces delivery time.

A major challenge faced by the logistics industry is the erratic route of deliveries. This can be caused by weather conditions, factory shutdowns, port capacity issues, or any other disruptive event. Hence, it is important to have an efficient logistics system in place that can help with route optimization.

Online logistics systems allow a company to determine the best route for the products being shipped. This can save a lot of money for the company as well as its customers.

An online logistics system can help with this problem by analyzing data from sensors in vehicles as well as traffic reports and weather updates. This allows the company to detect the fastest route and save fuel expenses.

Another important feature that an online logistic delivery management system has is the ability to monitor couriers and track their performance. This can help a company to evaluate how well the drivers are performing and to ensure that they are delivering orders on time.

These systems can also help with the process of picking and packing, as well as storing goods. They often include barcode scanning, inventory transfer, and smart storage tools to make warehouses more efficient.

This system is ideal for e-commerce businesses in Pakistan as it provides easy integration with various platforms and logistics management software. It can also help e-commerce merchants to deliver products quickly and efficiently.

The best part about an online logistic delivery management system in Pakistan is that it can be used by multiple users at once, so there is no need to worry about security. The system also has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to use.

In addition to providing an effective way to manage couriers and track their performance. An online logistic delivery management system in Pakistan is also a great way to increase customer satisfaction. This can be especially useful for e-commerce businesses that sell items to a large number of people.


The rise of online shopping in Pakistan has prompted businesses to offer same-day delivery options to their customers. This has helped them to attract customers and increase their market share. In order to achieve this, companies need to build a smarter logistics strategy that can cater to varying client preferences.

One of the major challenges that logistic companies face is a lack of efficient systems that can provide fast and accurate deliveries. This is because many of the traditional courier services rely on manual picking methods that can be error-prone. They also have problems with the delivery of large items such as furniture, which can be difficult to carry.

However, companies can use advanced logistics software to improve the delivery process. They can use Big Data to analyze weather reports and traffic updates in order to find the fastest route to deliver goods. This can save a lot of money in the long run, since it eliminates unnecessary fuel costs.

Moreover, companies can also use logistics optimization software to help them reduce the number of trucks that they need to hire. This way, they can keep their operating costs low and make deliveries at a faster pace.

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Another advantage of using this type of software is that it can help logistics companies reduce their inventory by eliminating unnecessary items from their warehouses. This can save time, money, and stress on employees.

In addition, companies can use these tools to track and trace the status of their products. They can also get notifications when something goes wrong with their parcels. This can help them to resolve any issues and avoid any inconvenience for their clients.

A good example of how logistics optimization software can make a difference is Rider. An Amazon-style delivery service that offers same-day delivery to clients in 60 cities across Pakistan. The company started in 2019 with four members of staff and has grown to about 700 in just three years.

The company uses riders, who are sourced from the gig economy to deliver packages. As well as automated routes that are calculated for maximum speed and efficiency. This has led to better success rates for Rider’s deliveries. And its agents are now earning more than a living wage from the company.


Customized systems are best for logistics companies looking to improve their efficiency. This means having the right software that helps to modernize and automate traditional processes. Enhancing their overall productivity without disrupting existing systems.

Using an online logistic delivery system can help to achieve this by putting the right tools in place to manage the entire logistics process. This includes real-time inventory tracking and workforce management, which will give you a more complete view of your supply chain. It also helps to ensure that you are complying with regulations and are meeting your client’s demands.

For example, a routing optimization feature in the system can help to ensure that deliveries are made efficiently and quickly. Saving fuel expenses while simultaneously helping to reduce the total cost of ownership for your business. Likewise, a robust warehouse management system will ensure that all of your inventory is properly tracked and organized.

The aforementioned software has many other features, including an advanced reporting system to track performance and trends. This will help you keep tabs on what’s going on in your supply chain and allow you to better plan for future events and changes. Finally, the software can be scaled to fit any organization’s needs and budget. Ultimately, the software will allow you to get the most out of your operations while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.


In recent times, the Pakistani e-commerce and logistics industry is experiencing an upsurge in business. With a lot of new startups and existing companies working on hyper-local delivery and quick commerce. It is a great time for global e-commerce players to take the opportunity in Pakistan as well.

In this scenario, a robust online logistic delivery management system is essential for businesses to stay ahead of their competition. It allows businesses to monitor their deliveries and make the right decisions based on real-time data. The route optimization feature of the system also helps businesses to choose the cheapest shipping routes and reduce their freight expenses. And their main aim is to eliminate the pesticide(palmerpest bed bug control).

Moreover, the flexible nature of the system is extremely important for businesses to handle sudden market changes or unexpected events that may affect their operations. This can include product seasonality, unpredictable demand, and other factors. With this type of software, businesses can adapt their resources and ensure that they have raw materials and stock on hand at all times to meet orders.

A strong logistics management system can help businesses save money on shipping costs and increase their profit margins. This is because it allows them to create shipping labels and track their packages without spending a lot of time. In addition, the multi-carrier shipping feature of the system can help them compare rates from different carriers to save on shipping costs.

With a flexible logistics system, businesses can also judge the performance of couriers and make sure that they are delivering products on time. This way, they can select the best-performing couriers based on their track record and KPIs. Ginkgo retail offers a unique solution that lets merchants judge the performance of their courier partners in a simple way by providing them with an integrated platform that includes intelligent algorithms and datasets.


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