Preparing cold pressed juice in the kitchen.

The majority of us begin our juicing careers with centrifugal juicers since they continue to offer quick and inexpensive juicing. The centrifugal juicer uses a high-speed cutting plate and basket to quickly chop up food and squirt juice out of the pulp. These machines can also have a large feed tube that snatches up produce. The machines’ potential drawbacks include potential low efficiency and labor-intensive cleaning requirements.

Horizontal single slow juicer isĀ  the straightforward single screw or auger juicers that provide “masticating” style juicing. In this method, the produce is “chewed” up and pressed against a perforated juicing screen. The juice flows through the screen, while the pulp is held back and pumped out of the front of the juicer. These devices provide high-quality cold-pressed juice and are relatively affordable, effective, simple to clean, and convenient to use. The disadvantage of most of these devices is that their feed tubes are very brief.


Vertical Slow Juicers


These are the newest juicers on the market; they take the horizontal single auger layout and turn it on its head to make the machine rotate on the vertical axis. These are also known as Verts or Vertical Slow Juicer. These juicers have revolutionised cold press or masticating juicing since they adhere to the low RPM, high juice quality concept while also having longer feed tubes and gravity working in your favour to speed up the process. My primary juicer right now is a vert.


twin gear juicers


As their name implies, twin gear juicers have two long gears that rotate in the opposite direction, crushing and chewing up the produce in preparation for the auger step, which presses out additional juice. Despite being huge and difficult to clean, the Angel twin gear juicer is still the highest yielding juicer I have ever used. As a result, I use my vertical slow juicer for daily juicing. Since I cultivate my own leafy greens, I frequently utilise my twin gear while preparing vegetable juice with a leafy greens component to ensure optimum extraction. The twin gear excels at extracting every last drop of juice from root vegetables and leafy greens.

That covers every juicer style and which one I prefer depending on the type of juicing work I’m doing. I’ve discovered that juicing is an easy habit to develop for greater health the better your juicer is. Enjoy!




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