Stories bring joy to people of both young and old generations. There is a sweetness in reading a story that impacts our minds. Judging from the literal aspect of the story, there are many types. According to people’s preferences, they find their needs. 

For example, stories with specific plots like Comedy, Voyage, Tragedy, Detective, and Horror can be found. If any short story is unique among these plots, it will grab the attention of the readers. Let’s discuss and describe three such short amazing stories in detail. 

The plight of ABC of the environment

Once three friends Ant, Bee, and Caterpillar were talking in the garden. The ant’s name is Anna, the bee’s name is Bubbly and the caterpillar’s name is Chris. Suddenly Anna and Chris saw Bubbly in a sad state and asked what happened. Bubbly then said that she had nothing left like food. 

Chris asks Bubbly the reason in a worried voice, she says people are cutting down all the trees here to build high-rise buildings. Hearing this, Anna also became depressed. They started thinking that they have to move to another home soon. 

Bubbly then cries that no one cares about them, bees pollinate and produce honey for humans yet they don’t give them enough respect. Anna then said we are mother nature’s children, only she will understand our pain. With this, they bid farewell and set out in search of a new home.

Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler

Princess Renia (Princess of the Fontiano Empire) is the main heroine of this story. She was the wife of Lord Clovis. Many compared her to a beautiful flower. Also, she looks beautiful, many of them are called her Diamonds of Royals. Rainier’s beauty was well-known throughout the kingdom. Her actions always made headlines and became the talk of the kingdom. 

Pippin has been taking care of the princess since childhood. But she can’t stand it when Helen suddenly takes Pippin’s place, and Renia tries to kill Helen. That’s why the princess appealed to the court judge to prove herself blameless, but no one listened to him. The judge sentenced him to death. 

Vengeance From A Saint Full of Wounds Spoiler

At the core of the story, we will get to know a girl named Lua. She had spiritual power, and by that power, she healed the sick. Lua lived in the mountains, she had no contact with the people of the world. Aryan was her only friend. 

That Ariane once betrayed Lua. Once Lua revives a dying soldier after he recovers Arian takes all the credit. Lua was enraged by Ariane’s identity and became a Spoiler. Later Lua decides to team up with  Swen to get revenge on Arian.


The stories are heart-touching and the characters are also beautifully developed. These fictional characters embedded in the story blossom into reality through deep study. After reading the complete part of the story you will feel more unique. If you liked the short explanation of the above short stories, you must read them in their entirety. 

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