Ethereum is a smart contract platform that allows anybody to create decentralized apps on it. Ethereum is the largest altcoin and its native coin is Ether. Ether can be used to pay GAS charges. 

The preservation and openness of Ethereum make it a perfect platform for businesses and apps that must operate on a public channel. These use cases span from financial programs to health, government, and other things. Here are the use cases of Ethereum that are applicable in the real world. 

Use Cases Of Ethereum

1. Virtual Identification

Nothing has altered the manner in which we define ourselves. You are still using passports that remain composed of paper and must be carried everywhere. Among the key factors you have not yet moved to a virtual machine is that it is difficult for governments to verify the legitimacy of a virtual document. 

This is a big limitation of this world. Ethereum offers free and open validation, which implies it might pave the way for the development of a virtual identification. Some ERC-20 tokens( tokens that run on the Ethereum network) are applications for virtual identification. The best Ethereum wallets must be used for these ERC-20 tokens. 

2. Health Service

The health service will be totally transformed by Ethereum. All hospitals worldwide may keep, access, and exchange patient records. This is an important aspect in generating novel vaccinations for viral epidemics, as well as avoiding them in the first place. Ethereum blockchain is useful in this case. 

You may see a doctor in one country for a checkup while on holiday in another country. Both the countries will have similar details about you. 

3. Online Privacy

Do you realize what company the majority of the planet’s internet users use on a daily basis? Obviously, it is none other than Google.  The real shock, the corporation gathers and distributes your personal details for advertising. And profits billions of dollars annually from the meantime. Ethereum’s decentralized network could render this data collection unfeasible.

That does not render it unattainable, but that does log each moment the search engine accesses your details and proceeds to reveal them. Even Ethereum cannot make your images secure from downloading. However, it can alert you every time when it is happening in real-time. 

4. Data Storage

A data center is essentially a facility that houses hundreds of servers that are utilized to store data. The issue with data centers is that they concentrate a big portion of the company’s storage space in a centralized location. If the firm is devastated by a natural catastrophe, it may incur significant damages.

A decentralized storage unit is an answer. In that instance, data is not kept in a few data centers in the United States, but in thousands of them throughout the world. Until recently, this was simply not achievable due to the significant technological difficulty. However, Ethereum provides a solution. 

5. ICOs

ICOs, also known as Token Sales, are a type of investment in which amazing startups create “tokens” and sell these in return for Ether. 

Any best Ethereum software wallet can be used to store new coins. ICOs generally ask for Ethers in return to reach your wallet. You can also use Bitcoin because it has the highest demand. ICOs can help you take advantage of the initial boom of a new cryptocurrency. 

Use Ethereum Wallets

Ethereum wallets are classified into three types: hard wallets, soft wallets, and web wallets. Pick the one that meets your requirements. To build your own wallet, follow the steps offered by the service provider. Generally, you are prompted to generate a firm password together with the seed phrase. You may fund your wallet with Ethers.

The best Ethereum online wallet is MetaMask. To protect your wallet, make sure to keep your seed phrase and password in a safe place, and use two-factor authentication if available. 


From this post, you have seen the use cases of Ethereum. Decentralized finance and NFTs are also applications of Ethereum. Decentralized finance refers to monetary services and goods that are open and accessible to anybody who has access to Ethereum. Using Defi, no institution can refuse access permissions to anything or prevent transactions.

NFTs are coins that may be connected to one-of-a-kind products and are not convertible to other things. If you look at the Phantom wallet icon, you will know that it is related to Solana and not Ethereum. Just as MetaMask is for Ethereum, it is for Solana

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