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Ways to keep children away from mobile phones

Ways to keep children away from mobile phones


Using a mobile phone, iPad or television has become common in our lives, whether it is talking to friends or family, shopping or playing video games, reading the latest news or entertainment commentary, We all use mobile phones or tablets.


Yes, even today’s children use mobile phones or iPads even in school, in all these situations we are forced to think how important is ‘screen time’ for our children?


According to the foreign news agency, it has become necessary to give information to children about modern technology in the new age, but we also need to ensure that our children are not completely dependent on the mobile phone screen or tablet. Because even though there are games and resources on the internet and applications, with the help of which we can get educational information, there is very little chance that such information can help the cognitive development of a young child.


According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), in fact, using too much mobile phone screen has negative effects, including poor academic performance, obesity, negative behavior in children, so children should at least At least 60 minutes of outdoor games or playing on the field outside the home should help children improve balance, social skills, language and other skills.


A common complaint of parents is that ‘our kids are busy using TV, iPad or mobile phones all day long and we can’t stop them from this habit’, so our question to you is what will you do at such a time? ? What activities would you suggest children engage in to improve their development and stay away from mobile phones?


Here are ways to keep kids away from cell phones and improve their development


Set the example


It may not seem like it, but children pay attention to the activities around them, often parents tell their children ‘don’t do what I do, do what I say’ but this is not enough. Is there a rule in your house for kids not to use cell phones at lunch and dinner? This means parents also cannot use Facebook or Instagram at this time.


A study shows that the more parents use mobile phones, the less they can focus on children’s development. In order for children to be more aware of the world, you have to give them different opportunities in society, out. Plan outdoor games, activities that teach children new skills and abilities, for example biking, swimming, camping, arts and crafts will be very beneficial.


Spend time outside the home


Electronic games and educational TV programs will help the child’s mind to develop but remember that it will cause the mind to get bored, so the solution is to show the children natural scenes, daily or once a week. Be sure to take it to your neighborhood or go to a park, if you can go hiking, it’s best, it will keep the child’s mind calm.


Get into the habit of reading


Now not all activities have to be outside the home, there are many things you can do indoors as well, such as giving your children a book list during their school holidays and encouraging them to read.


There are also some rules of reading, don’t let your children pick up books from the world, but books based on speaking skills, logical thinking will be effective and when you get a chance, read comic books to children.


Encourage sports


If children play, their brain development will increase, try taking children to the park, or they can play with their friends to build good relationships between children, This activity will also increase children’s skills.


Plan to go on a road trip


Try to go for a walk once a week, If you are finding it difficult to choose a place to go, you can use a map, do research, take advice from family, and make a special plan to go somewhere. Don’t forget to ask children’s opinions; this way, children can stay away from mobile phones and spend time with family.


Homework help


Helping with household chores can also improve children’s development, but how? We tell you, make a list of household chores on a piece of paper, put it in your child’s hand and ask them to do all the things on the list, for example, make the bed, put the things in the room etc. In this way, you will also be able to save your time and the child will develop a sense of responsibility.


Keep all cell phones out of children’s rooms


Keep mobile phones out of children’s rooms, Sleep at night is very important for children’s mental and physical health, According to research, having a mobile phone close to you while sleeping at night affects your sleep.


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