Have you ever heard of Tultex 202? If not, you’re certainly not alone. This fabric has been around since the early 1980s, but it only recently gained recognition as a trend-setting textile.

Tultex 202 is a medium-weight acrylic and wool blend fabric that is known for its distinctive look and feel. It has a smooth texture with a distinct sheen and it has a hint of stretch to it that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. It also comes in an array of eye-catching, vibrant colors that are sure to make any garment stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will explore what Tultex 202 is, how it differs from other fabrics, and how you can use it to create unique and stylish pieces of clothing and accessories. So whether you’re an experienced fashionista or just starting on your sewing journey, this article will help you understand Tultex 202 better.

The Tultex 202 Look & Feel

The classic Tultex 202 has a distinct look and feel that sets it apart from other t-shirts. It is create with a distinct heather texture, making it stand out immediately with its unique combination of fabric colors. The unique heather look creates a subtle marbled effect with the dyeing process, creating an eye-catching and unique classic t-shirt style.

This iconic fabric is create from 100% of Ringspun cotton, which gives it a soft and lightweight feel. This ultra-comfortable fabric also features stretch for greater flexibility, making it suitable for all shapes and sizes. Additionally, the t-shirt is pre-shrunk to ensure that it retains its shape over time without fading or shrinking when washed.

The signature 202 look & feel has become a staple in fashion worldwide due to its timeless design and lightweight breathable fabric that provides comfort all year round. Whether you plan on layering or just wearing this shirt on its own, the Tultex 202 is an essential part of any closet.

How the Tultex 202 Fabric Is Made

Spinning Process

Tultex 202 is produce for a special spinning process that combines cotton, polyester, and lycra into a single thread. This blend gives the fabric its unique blend of both comfort and strength, which makes it ideal for a variety of uses.

Knitting Process

The yarn is then run through an air jet knitting machine to create the final product. The air jets are utilize to give the fabric a unique texture and help keep it lightweight while retaining its strength and durability. This unique process also helps to make the fabric more resistant to wrinkles and shrinking.

Finishing Process

Once the knitting process is complete, an additional finishing process is done by hand. This involves trimming away any excess threads, giving the fabric a neat and structured look that will last for years to come. Finally, a softener will give it that signature Tultex 202 feel that you know and love!

Properties of the Fabric

Tultex 202 is a fabric known for its versatility in terms of both looks and feel. Its properties make it ideal for a range of applications, from casual wear to high-end fashion. Here’s an overview of the Tultex 202 look and feel:


Tultex 202 is lightweight, yet sturdy – it weighs only 5.3 oz per square yard. This means that despite its lightweight nature, it’s still strong enough to withstand regular wear and washing.

Comfort & Breathability

The fabric has great breathability and comfort, making it perfect for the clothing worn in warm climates. It also features excellent moisture-wicking properties, helping to keep you cool in warm temperatures.

Colorfastness & Durability

The colors of Tultex 202 are highly resistant to fading, even after multiple items of washing, maintaining their vibrancy even after many years of use. Furthermore, the fabric is durable – it won’t shrink when washed in hot water or suffer from abrasion quickly like some other fabrics. As such, it’s an ideal choice for clothing that’ll stand the test of time.

The Versatility of the Fabric for Different Products

The Tultex 202 is a highly versatile fabric that can be ustilize for any number of projects. The fabric has a unique look and feels that makes it perfect for various end-products, both functional and decorative. Its soft yet sturdy composition makes it suitable for apparel like t-shirts and sweaters, as well as blankets, throws, towels, curtains, and even furniture upholstery.

In terms of apparel items, the Tultex 202 fabric drapes nicely and is light enough to be comfortable while still offering some warmth on cooler days. Also, because of its durability and washability, the fabric is suitable for activewear as well.

The versatility of the fabric continues when it comes to home accessories such as blankets and throws. The lightweight texture is great for layering or cozying up with on chilly evenings. And the vibrant colors make for stylish home decor accents in any room of your home.

Overall, the look and feel of Tultex 202 make it a great choice for almost any project requiring textiles – from apparel to home accessories – since it is lightweight yet durable enough to last through multiple washes and years of wear.

Where to Buy Tultex 202 Fabrics

Tultex 202 fabrics are widely available, both online and in-store. If you’re looking for a certain color or style, browsing online can be a great way to see the full range of products quickly. There are several online stores are available such as The Apparel Factory.

Once you’ve chosen the style and color that works best for your project, you should look around for the best deal. Some of the retailers who specialize in fabrics may offer bulk discounts or other incentives if you purchase more than one yard. You may even be able to find coupons or promos that can help save you money on your purchase.

If you’d prefer to shop in person, several stores specialize in fabric and craft supplies. All stores carry Tultex 202 items. Not only will payment be simpler when paying with cash. You can also touch and feel different fabric samples before making your choice. If visiting a store isn’t an option for you, many fabric stores now offer curbside pickup so you can get what you need without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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