Mission Life.Mission to save our environment

Mission Life.Mission to save our environment


Recently, the central government launched the “Mission Life Campaign” with the support of the international community at the global level. The sole purpose of this mission is to protect or control the environment from pollution. At this time, the rising temperature of the earth, environmental pollution and threats like deadly diseases like COVID-19 have caused concern in the international community and have emphasized on environmental protection measures on all the countries of the world. As a result the global voice “Life Mission for our environment” has become an important goal.


We all know very well that when our environment is good, then only we can live a good life. Ever since these adverse changes in the environment have occurred, our ecosystem has been left in disarray. At all times, humans have selfishly left their homes and thrown their garbage on roads, fields, fields and public places, destroying the balance of this environment.


Today’s scientific age has finally brought us to the conclusion that if we want to save our lives, we have to save our environment. If we are not able to fix the balance of our environment, our lives will face many threats. We all know that increasing environmental pollution is the biggest concern of this age. 200 years ago there was no concept of Global Warming, Green House Gases. Valuable things like fans and A-C etc. were neither made nor felt the need of such things in our houses because there were more trees and plants in our environment around us. Trees in our environment not only provide us with oxygen but also help maintain the temperature and balance of our earth. Unfortunately, due to their selfishness and greed, humans completely destroyed the balance of this environment by cutting down more and more trees. Now the result is that in today’s era, concern has arisen in the major countries of the world and it has been decided in the international community that we have to give an environment-friendly and environment-saving message in every home and institution. We have to keep our people away from polluting lifestyles and polluting elements. We have to take steps at a social and individual level. Therefore, the international community and the member countries have given the duty of conducting this campaign in all the educational institutions of the country under the leadership of the Forest Department within the limits of their respective state governments. The campaign was named “Life Mission for Environment”.


We all know which elements upset the balance of our environment. The basis of all these elements is the selfish, careless and irresponsible attitude of man. We know that our forests are so important to us. According to which oxygen is available for us to live in these treasures of nature. According to this calculation, a person takes oxygen worth crores of rupees. We all know how important water is for our survival. If we don’t get a sip of water, we know the value of water. As much as plants need water to survive, plants and a certain amount of sunlight are necessary to run the essential “water cycle”. With the help of which our beautiful rivers keep flowing throughout the year. How important our Himalayan mountains are to us is explained by the flow of our rivers. How the strong roots of our trees support our tall forests and control soil erosion. How do we maintain the fertility and freshness of our land? But humans adopted a selfish attitude, were always engaged in cutting down their precious treasure forests, throwing out the garbage from their homes in an irresponsible and careless way, and the result has now come to light, cutting down the priceless natural treasure forests. , neglecting the process of planting new trees. Now the results of these bad actions have come before us that now we have proved that the balance of our environment has deteriorated to a great extent. The Earth’s mean temperature has increased significantly. Plants are plants that control the temperature of our earth. People often remove kodakrikt from their houses and throw it in rivers and precious drinking water reservoirs. Polythene is scattered everywhere due to which our land is becoming barren. Now there is concern about what tomorrow will be like for future generations.


Therefore, we finally came to the conclusion that if we want to see a better tomorrow for our future generations, we should keep this good cause (Life Mission for Environment) alive forever. The best way of life is to follow the instructions given by the government to save the environment. Protect your forests by planting more trees. Protect drinking water reservoirs from pollution. Protect your aquatic life from the ill effects of pollution. Collect kodakrit from the houses in a good way away from a place where there is no risk of spreading epidemic diseases. Try to adopt E-Waste Recycling. That is, collect the plastic that makes our fertile land barren and send it for recycling. Say goodbye to polythene by using the bags you always have with you. Adopt this lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. Because if we want to avoid deadly diseases like Corona virus (Covid-19), we have to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle. To avoid disasters like floods and natural storms, more trees should be planted and forests should be protected. In order to improve the quality of life of our future generations, we must adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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