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Avoid cutting down lush trees, destroying nests

Avoid cutting down lush trees, destroying nests

They were reading and hearing that trees are alive. Even in school, the teachers instilled in our minds that trees are alive, so they should not be cut unnecessarily. In this regard, I am making an incident based on reality so that those people, who cut down trees without thinking, can get some lesson.

It was the days when we used to live in a cottage. The residents here had arranged flower plants and fruit trees along the walls of the cottages. Some students from outside the city were staying in a building in front. That simple building consisted of small 8-10 rooms. After some time the landlord sold the house and a new family settled there.

It looked like an educated, modern and happy family, but some people have a certain mischievousness in their nature, which makes itself known when they come into contact with them. And that’s what happened. A few days later, the sounds of fighting and shouting started coming from that house. Initially, the people of the neighborhood did not take any special notice that they would have any domestic problem. That is why no one tried to know anything. But the matter did not end there, with the fight in the house, the second move they made was that they occupied the entire street by placing an iron barrier in the street.

There was a school opposite their house, the gate of which opened into a side street instead of that street, while the door of the corner house to their right also opened into a side street, so they He made the neighbor his like-minded and facilitator with him. Due to the obstacle of the barrier, apart from the vehicles for bringing and transporting the school children, worshipers also had a lot of difficulty in coming and going to the mosque. The people of the neighborhood, including the school administration, raised a lot of objections to the occupation of the entire street and the installation of an unnecessary barrier, but everyone was silenced by saying that we have installed the barrier in view of security and it is beneficial for everyone.

However, the people became tired and sat patiently, and then Allah gave them the fruit of patience soon. It so happened that wherever the barriers were installed throughout Karachi, the law enforcement agencies ordered them to remove the barriers to establish law and order. In this way, if the barriers were removed from across the city, they also had to be removed from our street. After which everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

But after a few days he made another move. On Sunday, when everyone was sleeping unaware, suddenly noises started coming. When he came out, he saw that 8-10 workers were cutting the trees in a row very fast. After some time, all the people of the neighborhood gathered and strongly objected, so it was said that “because of these trees, it is very dark at night and obscene people come here.” Which was a complete lie. Meanwhile, someone called 15, then soon the police mobile came.

With the arrival of the mobile phone, the last three trees were saved, but the police left saying that this is a problem between you people, you can solve it yourself. It should be noted that these trees not only brightened the entire neighborhood, but because of them, the street was always cool and shaded. Apart from this, there were nests of many beautiful birds including quails, bulbuls, conjs on these trees. Due to the brutal cutting of these trees, the nests in them were also destroyed and it was a very painful scene, but surely the rod of God is silent. Everyone saw what happened to them and their helpful neighbor after cutting down a green, shady tree.

He got the punishment of the curse of the birds and the heartache of the people in this world. As it happened, not long after the tree-cutting incident, the young man of the new neighbors was bedridden with a mysterious illness and the mastermind of all the activities, the head of the house suffered a stroke and became unable to walk. At the same time, there was a robbery in their house and the robbers took away all the valuables including cash, jewelry. Meanwhile, their friendly neighbors also faced various problems. The house he was staying in belonged to his elder brother, who had been out of the country for a long time.

When they came to Pakistan, they sold the house and left them destitute again. After which those people were forced to live in an uninhabited deserted area. We have come to the conclusion from these incidents that cutting green trees and harassing the people of the neighborhood, especially the neighbors, has a very bad outcome. May Allah guide us all. My request is to never cut down trees without a compelling reason for God’s sake. Undoubtedly, they are lively and their detractors will also suffer.

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