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Education and training of five to seven year old children

Education and training of five- to seven-year-old children

What role does the school play in the education and training of children?

Every child has different natural abilities, but these abilities need guidance to fulfill and ignite. For which an institution called school is established in society, where the child develops his qualities and abilities to become socially compatible and adapt himself to social needs.

Although the whole system of the school is helpful for the child, the most important platform for it is the classroom, where the child goes through the process of mental development through educational activities. The teacher provides guidance, keeping in mind the IQ level of each child and his tendencies and inclinations. A conducive classroom environment is essential for effective teaching, as various events take place in the classroom during teaching, which can sometimes make the classroom environment complex. Therefore, the teacher should not adopt such an aggressive attitude and should not formulate any law that would provoke the students to rebel against the educational process.

What should the teacher take care of to achieve the educational objectives?

The role of the teacher in the education system is high. He is the architect of the nation and the spiritual father of the students. The character formation of future generations is the responsibility of the teacher, so the development and deterioration of future citizens depend to a large extent on the concern and efforts of the teacher. In terms of this important post, the teacher should have high qualities and good character. It should have academic ability and teaching ability, as well as awareness of child psychology and teaching methods. He should have patience, understanding of the matter, decisiveness, intellectual attachment to the students, along with discipline in work, compassion, and sincerity in the spirit of reform.


In order to achieve substantial success in educational objectives, the teacher should keep in mind the following basic points:


Steady, start teaching.

It is important for the teacher to start teaching in a stable way, because students judge the feelings of the teacher by how the teacher affects them and behaves in the classroom. Therefore, at the beginning of teaching, the teacher should not be so gentle that the students feel free and do not think of him as the teacher and cannot take a serious attitude in the learning process.

The teacher as judge

Teachers should treat all students equally. Do not show prejudice on the basis of color, race, language, religion, or nationality. Rather, act impartially and reconcile the children so that their mutual conflict does not affect their social lives.

Protection of children’s self-esteem

In the matter of self-esteem, children are very sensitive, so the teacher should avoid taking a derogatory attitude about the personality of a child in front of the whole class so that the self-esteem of this child is not hurt.

Enthusiastic style of expression

The style of the teacher should be lively so that the attention of the students can be drawn to the lesson. The teacher should be

optimistic and teach the weaker students more diligently in each new lesson by giving them individual attention.

Bound by rules and regulations

A teacher must abide by the rules and regulations. It is very important for the teacher to be persistent so that the students also realize that it is important to complete the work assigned to them. This will help them develop social discipline. The teacher should be opportunistic to maintain classroom discipline according to the situation.

Start teaching fresh.

While it is necessary for the teacher to avoid unusual behavior at the beginning of teaching in the classroom, it is also important for the teacher to maintain the attention and interest of the students from the beginning to the end of the lesson because, for effective teaching, the students in the lesson It is essential that

What matters should the mother keep in mind to improve the child’s academic performance?

To improve the academic performance of the child, the mother should keep the following points in mind:


  1. Give full attention to the child’s educational activities. Do not put all the responsibility on the school or the teacher; check the child’s diary daily and review the homework done by the child. This will make the mother aware of how the child is made to work so that when she prepares the child for the exam, the entire syllabus will be understood by the mother.

2. The mother should teach the child the habit of reading and writing from the beginning. It helps the child recognize spellings, sentences, and words in reading and writing. Attention should be paid to the correct pronunciation of the child from the beginning because things learned in childhood are remembered till age.

3. The mother should remind the child of the daily lesson again and again; this will continue the process of repetition, and everything will become well remembered, because if a child does not repeat it after studying, the memory will not be as effective as repetition.

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