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Make life easier for your children.

Make life easier for your children.

If ever a list is made of these atrocities that are done to children, the top among them will be the atrocities that are committed by their own parents unknowingly. With all sincerity and good intentions, and thinking that when the child is forced to obey his word, he will move towards success in life. My daughter, Mashiya Bilal, came back from school one day and said that today I got six marks out of six in the Urdu test. The girl was happy, and the mother was also happy. A few days later, when she came, she was shocked. They said that five out of eight marks have come today. When the mother heard it, she covered her mouth and lay down on the bed. I asked him, Why are you worried? She said that eight out of eight marks are more. Five numbers are less. I said, Who told you that five numbers are less? Five numbers are too many. I used to get number five many times.

My partner’s reaction at the time was as if I were deliberately giving my daughter a “no-brainer,”  although I honestly believe that five is not a bad number. I explained to him that many people suffer from depression during the process of topping. Getting good marks is great, but this hobby should not turn into madness. Neither am I fond of turning my daughter into a doctor or an engineer. She says she wants to become a hairdresser. I say, Well, I will make you a beauty parlor, a cosmetologist.

My partner’s reaction at the time was that I was deliberately giving my daughter a “non-brain.” Although I honestly believe that five is not a bad number, I explained to him that many people get depressed during the topping process. Getting good grades is great, but this hobby should not turn into an obsession. I neither want to make my daughter a doctor nor an engineer. She says she wants to become a hairdresser. I say, Well, I’ll make you a beauty parlor, a cosmetologist.

In the last one and a half centuries, the world has changed at an amazing speed. Our childhood was very different. There were no mobiles or games. There used to be special video game shops where a one-rupee token was inserted into the machine. A common myth is that people who play too many games have blue eyes. Every child today has a mobile phone in their pocket, loaded with games. They freely play games on their parents’ mobiles. Around the age of ten, they are given their own personal mobile. Well, according to experts, there are many mental benefits to playing games, if done in moderation. They happily use their brains to try to do better every time. The problem is that these video games are addictive.

A great injustice to children is that you have not shown them a healthy lifestyle. They drink carbonated soft drinks in front of them. These are harmful at the growing age of children, but after the age of 27, 28, they will quickly lead them to obesity. At a young age, people’s arteries are filled with cholesterol.

We do not introduce children to the most delicious things in the world that have real taste. Things that grow naturally. Which are not passed through any process. In Pakistan, fruits are naturally delicious. What could be tastier than Anwar Ratol? Lychees, cherries, strawberries, chitri-wale bananas, sundarkhani grapes, ripe sweet pomegranates, guavas, and coconuts. These are the things that one should eat and lick with one’s fingers. You will see that the same things are included in the flavors introduced by humans. Mango flavor is most common in bottles and ice creams. Yet if we don’t eat them, what else could be the reason other than bad luck? Aren’t these things written in our provision and destiny?

It is a great injustice to children that we give them brain-training video games but never physically feed them. Soccer and other sports that get kids running and getting their heart rate up are extremely good for the body. Their physical growth increases. Their hunger and thirst increased. Above all, these games act as an anti-depressant, which takes the children away from the sadness in life. Physical sports bring a great change in mood. Children’s physical and mental health and strength increase. goes  Now how outrageous it is that people make their children addicted to cold drinks and video games and not take them out to play. This is happening in every home today.

The biggest injustice is that we don’t bother to look at the trend of the child. What they could not do in their own lives, they forcefully want their children to do. They keep motivating them for this. The poor child keeps trying to keep the heart of his parents. By striving against his natural tendency, he becomes depressed and thus does not reach the level of mastery in his field.



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